In this month, the album cover for "ARTPOP" was revealed and Gaga started doing some promotion for "Do What U Want".


Us.png Oct ??

At her apartment in NYC

Us.png Oct 1


"The head is crowning. ARTPOP birthing pains #NoEpidural SPREAD 'EM Venus the goddess is coming!"
"@HighFashionn25 hahahah I'm sorry! Is it another betrayal? I'm still in labour you cannot rush nature!!"
"@lol_gabe whatever u do dont scream"
"@Lexiesus yes ocean water birth"
"@iteff bonkers track bonkers song"
"@hausofalejandoe u can chief to the whole album"
"@lallred3 a few have already popped out during the prebirth. Zeus and I have put them aside for tour merch"
"@StefanoAlfa currently I #ServeForTheGods"

Arriving at Recording Studio in LA

Gaga was seen arriving at a Recording Studio in Los Angeles.

Us.png Oct 2


"It's time to #GetCovered at"
"It's the premiere or MACHETE KILLS tonight my first acting gig! Can't wait for you to see it. #RodriguezDameForLife"

Us.png Oct 3

Nights Live - 95.7 The Vibe FM Interview

Lady Gaga gave a telephone interview to the "Nights Live" and American Radio 95.7 "The Vibe".

Us.png Oct 4


"The ARTPOP album cover created by JEFF KOONS will be revealed with @iHeartRadio at 1pmET Monday on @CCOutdoor billboards around the world!"
"Starting at 1pm ET Monday we'll reveal the cover in sections unlocked by your tweets using #iHeartARTPOP"
"What did JEFF KOONS make of LADY GAGA? #iHeartARTPOP"

Us.png Oct 6

Arriving at Recording Studio in Los Angeles

With fans in LA

Us.png Oct 7


"I can't believe it's almost time for you to see the ARTPOP album cover. Go to to see a stream of it's unveiling!"
"Here is a list of all the Clear Channel billboards near you where u can also discover my album cover!"
"Please welcome Jeff Koons into our family +shower him with love for the the talents he has shared with us. A pure and genuine collaborator."
"I'm nervous&excited to share something that's such a piece of my heart. Something I cherish deeply. A real depiction of my mind through his."
"@AmedAyoub you totally have! You've waited a long time and have inspired me the whole way!"
"Album cover can be unlocked in 30 min by trending #iHeartARTPOP ! I'll be in the bathroom throwing up #iHeartPanicAttack #WheresMyInhaler"
"There is also a surprise! The center image of me is a new Jeff Koons sculpture to be exhibited nov.10 at the artRAVE ARTPOP's release party!"
"@ChrisHernandz that has so many meanings"
"full fetal position does anyone else hear the screams in my head #iHeartARTPOP"
"@azealiawanks my brain is a strange place"
"@WillyWollyOlly I wanted to be immortalized by Jeff in my original coif! What an honor!"

Us.png Oct 8


"Tired as fuck. Bout to wrap up ARTPOP. I don't even know where the music ends and I begin. Who cares about anything else if the record is no good. I love ARTPOP. Making this music has really changed my life. Rambling sorry. No sleep."


"@SAVANTGARDE_ it really looks like the music sounds he had the album before anybody"

Lady Gaga & the Muppets' Holiday Spectacular Recording

Lady Gaga recorded her Muppets Holiday Special on ABC today. It aired on Thanksgiving Day, November 28th, 2013.

Venus Performance
Kristen Bell Skit
Applause Performance
Bennie & The Jets / ARTPOP

Gaga and Elton John performed a medley of Elton's hit song Bennie & The Jets and Gaga's song ARTPOP.

Dressing Room Skit
MANiCURE Performance
Gypsy Performance

Gaga performed Gypsy with Kermit the Frog.

Baby It's Cold Outside

Gaga performed this song with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Chatting with Kermit
Fashion! Performance

Gaga performed Fashion! with RuPaul.

With Kermit and Miss Piggy
Applause Closing

Gaga closed the show with another performance of Applause with all of the Muppets.

Us.png Oct 9

93.9 KISS FM

Gaga called into this Radio station for an Interview. She talked about the "Applause" Music video and how she's happy fans think it topped "Bad Romance".


"And look out for DOPE. Track #13. The evolution of a fan song that became a deep confession in the recording studio. Produced by Rick Rubin and Me."

Out in Los Angeles

Gaga was seen out in Los Angeles before the painting of the ARTPOP tracklist mural.


"AURA lyric video is coming by Robert Rodriguez' MACHETE KILLS. It is late because I had it re-mixed+mastered. Blame me I'm a perfectionist!"
"@jonnswift13 no it is not"
"Tracklist is late because 2 songs are cockfighting for the #12 spot. I'll let u know which cock wins at 9pm tonight :) get out the champagne"
"No matter what I create only 3 artifacts will remain in the vault when I'm gone 1. the music 2. The album cover 3. any contributions of good"
"And look out for DOPE. Track #13. The evolution of a fan song that became a deep confession in the…"
"@MossieMonstre77 who said it was hip hop"
"@GagasMaleHooker fuck boundaries. Who put them there anyway"

Gaga began the announcement of her ARTPOP tracklist via a mural painted by her fans. Her fans tweeted each track painted on the mural every few minutes as Gaga retweeted them until the tracklist was complete.

"To announce the ARTPOP tracklist I've commissioned a mural by my most dedicated Los Angeles fans."
"Known as the LA Rivington Rebels, they've been sleeping outside of the Record Plant (my studio) for a month! Sleeping bags, booze & all."
"At 9pm PT they will all begin tweeting pictures of their work!"

Us.png Oct 10


"Thanks for making the tracklisting release so memorable. Got to hang out with the culprits and thank them. That's me in the middle, just a coupla monsters."

Arriving at Record Plant in Los Angeles

Main article: Record Plant

At RuPaul's Studio


"Been celebrating the completion of ARTPOP with @RuPaul What a star. Taught me so much growing up and still does."
"@lucdolan NOT AS EXCITED AS ME #realtalk"
"I just saw RadioARTPOP. Watching u become friends, share stories+have creative discussions. Best gift u could give me"
"Rodriguez surprised me with a lyric video for the OPENING song on ARTPOP! 'AURA' in my debut film MACHETE KILLS!"
"FUN FACT: The first 500,000 physical copies of ARTPOP are crafted with LADY GAGA + ARTPOP cut out of hot pink metallic foil + silver foil."
"The foiling represents the true design of the cover as imagined by the artist Jeff Koons, who hand collaged the typography himself."
"in other words, YALL BETTER GET ONE OF THOSE FIRST 500,000. They are once in a lifetime, one of a kind. #ARTPOP"
"@MonsterGrillz YES MAAM the first 500,000 to leave the factory into the hands of music and art collectors"
"@DJWS excited for everyone to hear VENUS. I wonder what they will think of that young, up and coming, female producer :)"
"@DanielStephen #PUFFin #puffOUT Enjoy the trip planned. Buckle ARTPOP is emotional."
"Thanks for making the tracklisting release so memorable. Got to hang out with the culprits and thank… "
"@HausOfLucas at least we know the album won't go bad"
"@mrtrevz21 don't you worry pony its there! #dope"

Gaga announced that the second single from ARTPOP is the track Venus.

"Ready to know what/when the next single is? TREND your song prediction and when you guess it right I will announce it! #ARTPOP"
"In order to unlock my announcement u must work together. Good Luck. 911 POP MUSIC EMERGENCY THIS IS NOT A FIREDRILL #OperationTrend2ndSingle"

Us.png Oct 11


"'APPLAUSE' is now my 3rd biggest US radio hit after Bad Romance + Poker Face. PLATINUM now too! A lot happened while I was in the studio!"
"@badkidmichael omg i was just thinking that. hopefully you guys will be ok with that age 65: my new single #pluto off ARTPOP ACT 30 out SOON"
":) RT @TaylorKinney111: go see #MACHETEKILLS! or @officialDannyT might find you, cut your toes off and eat them just because. Just because."
"It is impossible to photograph and do it justice but wow the foiling is beautiful! In person it is so…"
"@taylorkinney111 and i promise to support you when your pop album comes out"
"Lets Blast off to ahhhhh New Dimension..In Your BEDROOM. #VENUS"


"It is impossible to photograph and do it justice but wow the foiling is beautiful! In person it is so special, I am so excited!".

Us.png Oct 12


Gaga tweeted that she had finally handed over ARTPOP to Interscope, meaning the album is absolutely 100% finished now.

"bye bye ARTPOP. I love you, you'll always be so special to me. They're taking it away now. Makes me sad, I don't know why"

Us.png Oct 13


Gaga tweeted Donatella lyrics earlier in the day.

"This purse can hold my black card and Tiaraaaaaaaa

Versace promises I will Dol-ce Vittaaaa"

"What Do You Wanna Wear This Spring? What Do You Think is the New Thing? What Do You Wanna Wear This Season? #DONATELLA

Later that night, Gaga held a Twitter Q&A. She confirmed that the Venus music video would be the beginning of an ARTPOP trilogy. Gaga also confirmed that ARTPOP will have an Act II. A project with TechHaus called Volvantis was also announced. Ruth Hogben was announced as the director of the Venus music video.

"TWITTER Q & A. ARTPOP. 30 min. TREND IT. #ARTPOPquestion"
"Twitterverse, shall me commence?"
"@BornthaScheisse I LOVE SEXXX DREAMS VENUS AND DOPE G.U.Y ARTPOP. actually im obsessed with the whole album"
"@HausOfMarcela yes, very personal song but it became very freeing. Put a lot of rage into this album. Its been hard to part from it."
"@sweetm0nster no maam it the beginning of ARTPOP TRILOGY ENDINGS TO COME!"
"@BraveUnicorn satisfied is maybe not the way to describe it. Very proud, very strong connection to this album."
"next year!"
"@guiafull These vocals were done at a special time during conception of the record. They were important to me and @Zedd. This is our vision"
"@behindthealan i think the studio is actually just a hospital and i am a very sick person"
"@chanelfucker yes, lots of songs for ACT TWO!"
"@atemyhe4rt dope, gypsy is a ballad/electronic song. But there is a lot of hard funky midtempo + a space rock electronica explosion of beats"
"@atemyhe4rt i made a happy album with a lot of energy to pick up my spirits and keep my adrenaline pumping. MUSIC FOR MUSIC JUNKIES"
"@EsMoises_ ARTPOP :)"
"@stewcrack_ It is an exchange between to artists, one from the sphere of pop, the other of art, that results in a true meeting of the minds"
"@stewcrack_ one where art is put in the front"
"@AlfredRyando @LGMonsterFacts NEGATIVE"
"@SamirLevi everything and nothing. I view creativity like an inferno that is why ARTPOP sounds and looks this way."
"@YummyPasta94 POPART put the soup can on art. ARTPOP put the art on soup can."
"@Jhosteph19 we are going to listen to some really good hip hop artists on some fearless hip hop electronic records"
"@BadKidOscar All of them. I sang my ass off on ARTPOP"
"@BadKidOscar but some songs sound like robots, and others like a chorus. Depends on the song. ARTPOP knows no bounds."
"@bbrandonking we are still designing it"
"@slayergaga i don't know. im too close to all the songs. i love venus something awful."
"@GagaAddict101 right now it is. but i truly love all my albums and born this way will always have a special place in my heart"
"@lavender_gold the gazing ball is the point of creation. I view this as the sculpture of me, and my image as the representation of jeff"
"@lavender_gold although the entire piece is the sculpture, when I look at it I feel an explosion of Jeffs past+future."
"@EthanExposed how much i love it. genuinely love listening to it"
"The gazing ball is significant also because my sanskrit's a small dot. Im destined to float as a universe, fitting with all types of people."
"@Raaaul_s it is. It will come out. don't worry. I wanted to spend more time on it."
"@Highwayxmonster its about the goddess of love!"
"@itsmateus produced by @zedd and myself. smash electronic space jam"
"@ifuckedladygaga we love ARTPOP"
"@Fairshare4 @DanaAbouCharaf 16!!!!"
"@JaFr123 I explored different genres on ARTPOP. But the concept behind the album sonically is a throughline, everything relates through joy"
"@loopy_parawhore i delved deep into my heart and mind and truly made a record that I wanted to listen to. Nothing I thought I had to make ."
"@EastonAsEaston maybe its 15 im sorry im so tired bk nights will come out on the app sometimes during the album cycle"
"@HausOfEdward @RedOne_Official GYPSY! was written with @RedOne_Official !"
"@LucasrochaH Artpop, sexxx dreams have violins"
"@HausOfDestiny YES YOU WILL!"
"@JamilCedenoC YES YES AND YES"
"@keshasbestmate venus"
"To acquire the FOIL LIMITED ADDITION PHYSICAL COPIES of ARTPOP its best to pre-order import from LIMITED"
"@metenessaputa Members of the TechHaus work as rocket engineers. We will premiering our newest invention VOLANTIS, for you in coming months."
"@oxygengaga Its gonna be amazing!"
"@thealexandra_a I am very blessed to work with all of them. So talented. I appreciate them so much."
"@stace_of_base it is a complete and total transportation from pop culture as you know it into an explosion of art fantasy, rage and eros"
"@jkriordan @djws was a really good friend to me and work so many long hrs on this album. You should welcome him. He care deeply for ARTPOP"
"@SjalosVerified belgium with bananas and nutella help"
"@gag4rtp0p completely. been depressed handing it in. its my friend or something"
"@vincebellino pink flloyd, the grateful dead"

Gaga ended the Q&A with sharing some Mary Jane Holland lyrics.

"i end this Q & A with an ARTPOP LYRIC FACT"
"@HausOfBoBeanie IT SHOULD YES!"
"The Venus video is being directed by RUTH HOGBEN"
"Favorite part of tracklisting, that APPLAUSE ends the album. My dream is to do the entire album top to bottom every night at the show!"
"@aaronhoff but what happens when you wanna be an international poster hmmmm??"
"@OperationGaga im recognized mostly with this hair. it was our favorite as well. Naked or not, you know its me, statement is simple & clear."

Us.png Oct 14


Today on Twitter, Gaga revealed some lyrics to the track Dope, and through the fan show "Radio ARTPOP", Gaga revealed a 12 second snippet of the album track "G.U.Y (Girl Under You)".

"To commemorate 28 days of counting down till ARTPOP. Im going to release 1 lyric a day! Song Choice for LYRIC 28? #28DaysTillARTPOP"

"@MariaGarotalua thankee!! it does still feel new doesn't it :) i love that song"
"#DOPE track 013 "
"Tonight on @radioartpop HAUS OF GAGA member @emmac_94 will exclusively reveal a snippet of a song from ARTPOP. 8pm #radioARTPOP"
"@holyh00ker trust your mother"
"watch @radioARTPOP at … hear HQ snippet never before heard song on ARTPOP produced with @Zedd!"
"@HausOfNath 12 SECONDS and i do not want to hear a peep this is HARD ENOUGH! IM JUST AN ARTIST PEOPLE"
"@ZEDD :( our baby is growing up so fast gods of electronic music save us"
"@JustTheTruth21 sorry it will in the link!! not through the internet!!!"


[1]: "I'm just gonna sit inside and take pictures of it. I love her so much. Look at the hairpin urchin detailing on the side of jewel case! Pretty pretty girl".

[3]: #DOPE track 013.

Us.png Oct 15


Gaga announced that the song Do What U Want will be featured on an upcoming Beats by Dr.Dre commercial this coming Thursday. She also revealed more Dope lyrics via Instagram.

"more changes to booklet, and off to shipping :( i need one of those church .gifs i need SAVING. or a TALL GLASS of brown liquor + dope"
"& there MAY be a snippet of certain LADY GAGA R KELLY JAM in a @beatsbydre commercial thurs #ARTPOPsnippetDoWhatUWant R KELLY IS ON ARTPOP"
"@rkelly do what u want what u want with my body, do what u want don't stop let's party."
"A MASTERED COPY OF ARTPOP WAS JUST DELIVERED TO ME, help. its real now. I can't believe it Ive been waiting to say this for some time.."
"27 days will ARTPOP. What song would you like lyrics from today? TREND IT? something new? or more #DOPE ?"
"I was trying to think of something more ridiculous than Millennium..ALBUM OF INFINTE!"
"@_stefanisvoice who cares what they say. ALBUM OF THE GALAXY"
"@jamesblaszko im in love. its my album and ill rant if i want ttoooo"
"Lyrics #27daystillARTPOP #DOPE "
"STARTING chat on #gagaARTPOPchat see u there"
"i am trying to chat but the server is flooded. hold PLEASE"
"raincheck on the chat monsters, sorry. You broke "
"@xprsysf its called a joke"
"@ellie_farrelly im sorry im sad too. next time!"
"In the coming days there will be some exciting news and announcements related to ARTPOP stay tuned for IMPORTANT DATES!"
"@BillysCarBro i feel anxiety from creativity, a chaotic adrenalin. Its overwhelming. Allow yourself bad days. Don't be so tough on yourself."
"#chicagofireNBC #MyBFsOnTV"
"15 minutes till midnight in NEW YORK. I chose the song this time #26daysTillArtpop #VENUSlyrics"
"typo! ARH TWEETCORRECT Daniel Fernandez @dibumonster your art is beautiful. communicating through image #ARTPOP #VENUSLYRICS coming ups.."
"watch @radioARTPOP at … hear HQ snippet never before heard song on ARTPOP produced with @Zedd!"
"#VENUSLyrics. Thank you for the beautiful sketch @dibumonster. We welcome your creativity and celebrate your talent.


"#27daystillARTPOP #DOPE"

My 103.9 Phoenix

Gaga called in for an interview.

Us.png Oct 16


"omg at this email INSTAGRAM just sent me."
"what the actual hell. hahahaha"
"@Caglarta We Could, We Could Belong Together ARTPOP."
"@89LittleMonster still laughing"

Gaga announced that an ARTPOP promo single would be coming out next week.

"just prepping our announcements *sigh* if only i could foil the internet"

Later that night Gaga declared an ARTPOP music emergency and posted a link to the new Beats commercial featuring her upcoming song Do What U Want. Gaga also announced that a promo single will be released every week until the release of ARTPOP, so three promo singles will be released, the first being Do What U Want on October 21st, 2013.

"Listen to a snippet of 'Do What U Want' ft. @rkelly out Oct 21 here via @BeatbyDre"
"@OnBurlesqueTime @rkelly @Beatbydre YES"
"@DiegoPasquell 25th will be the first preview/listen late night 27 for purchase at start Billboard week #venus"
"I feel like crying seeing your excitement for the new music it means the world to me, this music is my life."
"@abbyy325 :)"
"@codysabadkid yes"
"FUN FACT about ARTPOP: I sang the songs over and over until they transformed into a part of me. Then we pressed record."
"Each song on ARTPOP was inspired by different types of adrenalin, so it's an expression of the various rushes. I want you to feel them."

Live 95.5 FM

Gaga was interviewed on the Morning Mess via phone call.

Live 101.5 FM

Gaga was interviewed on the Lady La Show via phone call.

KISS 104.7

Gaga was interviewed by Johnjay and Rich via phone call.

Us.png Oct 17

Terry Richardson

Gaga did a photoshoot with Terry Richardson for "Do What U Want" cover art.

Lady Gaga & the Muppets' Holiday Spectacular Promo

Some promotional images from this holiday special were uploaded today. Photos were taken by Rick Rowell.

Radio Interviews

Gaga was interviewed by the following radio stations today.

103.5 KISS
99.7 NOW
B96 Chicago
101.9 MIX

Us.png Oct 18


"25daysTillARTPOP 'when you touch me I die, just a little inside, I wonder if this could be love, this could be love' #VENUSLyrics"

"@HausOfTim the 27th with a preview the 25th!"
"@GAGAXCXMARINA I ask myself that same question at noon everyday"
"72 hrs till #DoWhatUWant feat. R Kelly release. 7 days till VenusSnippet. 9 days till #Venus release. Arouse the universe ARTPOP is coming!"
"I cant help the way I'm feelin'

Goddess of Love please take me to your leader! #VENUSLyrics"

"APPLAUSE on Chi B96! I love Chicago!"
"@Kudzikai steal"
"@Joint_Man :) yes! A round of applause for the little one!"
"@briangliboff love me love me please retweet"

Gaga talked about her Muppets Holiday special and tweetd a new promo pic.

"I am so excited to be doing a Thanksgiving Special again with @abc! This year with my special guests @muppetsstudio"
"Free gobbles to who can guess what song from ARTPOP me and the muppets are singing in this picture! #ABCThanksgiving"
"@Monster__Ryan gobble"

Gaga later revealed the single cover for Do What U Want.

"OFFICIAL DO WHAT U WANT FEAT @RKelly COVER ART. Song Available this Monday 12:01am!"

O2 commercial

Photographer Elle Muliarchyk was also on set to take photographs. Gaga also gave an interview to O2 to be shown to their customers.

Us.png Oct 19


"@versacehybrids yes and each will be signed my photographer. The handwriting on the borders was done by the photographers! Very special!"
"@JJ_GooGoo u can purchase 2moro night it's a worldwide release"
"@L0NELYF4RTS @jj_googoo midnight going into monday where u are"
"DO WHAT U WANT ft @rkelly SONG RELEASE: Monday 12:01am US CANADA MEXICO + Tuesday 12:01am WORLDWIDE"
"#23DaysTillARTPOP BridgeLyricsVenus"

Us.png Oct 20


"@shortkidsrule2 :)"
"10.5 hrs until the new LADY GAGA R KELLY JAM! Let the countdown begin!"
"@MonsterousJacki u hacked my brain a long time ago #monster4life"
"@HausOfMatheus @monsterousjacki I'm both. I'll always be me and one of you. Why wouldn't I be. #DoWhatUWant"
"LADY GAGA IS FAT NOW! #DoWhatUWantWithMyBody"
"LADY GAGA IS ON DRUGS! HER CAREER IS OVER! (been an addict for 10years) #WriteWhatUWant My recovery is a daily battle"
"GOD HATES LADY GAGA! #YouCantHaveMyHeart ill always fight for equality, got my own relationship with God"
"APPLAUSE didn't DEBUT AT #1! KATY IS BETTER THAN HER! #UWontUseMyMind I write for the music not the charts"
"MADONNA HATES GAGA SHES OVER … i dont need anybodys permission to be remembered. I will be. Whether they like it or not"
"#DoWhatUWant 12:01 tonight"
"@Lexiesus miss u alien toes"
"6 hrs till we do what we want! #DoWhatUWantAtMidnight #iTunesNorthAmericaTonight #TuesdayWorldwide"
""Do What U Want" feat. @rkelly out now! as seen in the commercial for @beatsbydre"

Us.png Oct 21


Gaga tweeted a snippet of ARTPOP.

"Like 'Do What U Want' feat. @rkelly? Hear a new snippet of the next song on the ARTPOP tracklist here!"

Us.png Oct 22


Gaga announced on Twitter that because of the huge success of the promo single Do What U Want, it would be released as the official second single now, and Venus would only serve as a promo single for now.

"Don't worry monsters! We are still scheduled to release #Venus this Monday with a snippet on Friday! AND it will STILL have its own video!"
"However we are overwhelmed by the worldwide response + excitement for DO WHAT U WANT feat. R KELLY & are happy to announce it as 2nd Single!"
"Its time to band together + spread the word as 11.11 ARTPOP approaches! Thank u for creating this unexpected turn I feel very blessed today."
"Off to Berlin! Kleine monsters ready for the ARTPOP listening party at my favorite nightclub? #AmpyaExclusive #20DaysTillARTPOP"

At LAX Airport

Gaga was seen arriving at the LAX airport to catch a to Berlin for the ARTPOP album listening party.

De.png Oct 23


"I rode a big aeroplane today! SO HARD for me to be quiet in public I wanted to run through the aisles singing ARTPOP"
"@twittzendo that's not very nice :( We are all working so hard to make you proud. This should be a happy time."
"@fuckstefani it is not the labels decision. It is a beautiful thing to evolve into a new genre, I've worked hard to be seen as a musician."
"@MaorLM the only mess is on the Internet. Encourage one another to be fearless. I am."

Gaga announced that she would debut a new song for each territory she goes to for the next 3 weeks.

"I'll be debuting a new song in every territory I travel to over the next 3 weeks! An exclusive for each country! Any guesses for Berlin?"

Gaga posted more Venus lyrics that evening.

"#19daysTillArtpop VenusLyrics"

Arriving in Berlin

De.png Oct 24


Gaga announced on Twitter that at the album listening party tonight, she would play Gypsy for the first time on the piano.

"2day at AMPYA ARTPOP listening party in Germany I'll perform the world premiere of 'Gypsy' at the piano! Stream it tonight around the world!"
"@TheHookerInMe miss u and @emmac_94 can't wait for artRave im building that b*tch a golden ramp for her wheely!"
"i'll be filming my beautiful berliners tonight as they hear ARTPOP for the 1st time! i cannot wait, so excited i might puke in my purse!!"
"@WessenHaus fozzi"
"@jexyjonas tara"
"Achtung! Time to start the show! Stream it live here: #ARTPOPListeningParty #Berlin"
"Night night world, ARTPOP is coming. #HappyAsMyClam "
"Thank you for a completely memorable night. I'll be by the clock #WaitingForARTPOP #Fraulein"
"Listen to my new song GYPSY world premiere LIVE from Berlin HERE: … #ARTPOP"


[1] "#ARTPOPListeningParty #Berlin #SexClub"
[2] "Happy as my Clam"
[3] "Thank you for the beautiful flowers and applause."
[4] "Flower Pillow Bedtime"
[5] "#19daystillartpop"

Leaving Hotel

Gaga was seen leaving her hotel to go to the ARTPOP listening party.

AMPYA Interview

ProSieben Interview

93.6 Jam Radio Interview

Bild Interview

"The AMPYA Moment with Lady Gaga” ARTPOP Listening Party at Berghain Club

The ARTPOP listening party was held at Berghain Club in Berlin.


Gaga was seen arriving at Berghain Club before the blue carpet event a bit later.

Blue Carpet

While on the Blue Carpet, Gaga also did a press conference Q&A session.

Lady Gaga wears a colt bra and panties by DSTM, and heels by Azzedine Alaïa.
Gypsy Performance

Gaga performed album track "Gypsy" during the ARTPOP listening party.


Arriving at hotel

Gaga was seen arriving back at her hotel after the album listening party.

At Hotel

De.png Gb.png Oct 25


"I composed ARTPOP to be a full experience, we are releasing all these songs and snippets to give you a more complete picture of the album."
"@kyleoshh My music is not a cumshot meant for one day. This is an old way of thinking. This allows me to give a moment to each song."
"You can of course always choose your favorite songs off an album but it was designed be a trip, heard from start to finish #17DAYSTillArtpop"
"@GAGAXCXMARINA I was so happy to perform for you all yesterday. It felt #SURREALIST!!!!!"
"@itsmeeeT its a story about my life and journey as I created the songs. Its extremely personal. It brings us all together in its entirety"
"@GagaChicago was so amazing! In a weird way it had already happened in my mind. i've been invisioning it. Berlin gave me a very special gift"
"@voguesituation through all of u, I believe when we listen to it all at the same time on NOV11 it will be an artistic spiritual awakening"
"@maikeeb_kills I wish you had all been there! But that is the magic of the album. We could belong together, because the music bonds us"
"@LuckyOneMonster you see her every day."
"#18daysTillArtpop 'Look at me now, I feel on top of the world, in my, #FASHION!' #FashionLYRIC"
"@abbyy325 :)"

Gaga tweeted 3 single covers for Venus.

"The 'Applause' cover art was shot by @inezandvinoodh, 'Do What U Want' Feat. R KELLY by @Terry_World, and 'VENUS' by..."
"'Venus' is a sequence of multiple covers shot by 'Alejandro' and 'Fame' director @SKstudly Steven Klein"
"@savantgarde_ :) good eye my student of art"
"VENUS 002"
"VENUS 003 @SKstudly #17daysTillARTPOP #ARTPOP #AphroditeLady"
"@PeacefulPersona luck and focus! you got this"
"HERE is a snippet OF 'VENUS' produced by Lady Gaga:"

De.png Leaving Hotel in Berlin

Gaga left her hotel in Berlin to go to the Bild studio. Gaga meditated on her way out of the hotel.

De.png At Bild Radio Studio Interview

Main article: Jens Koch

Gaga visited Bild Radio Studios and gave an interview today before departing to London. Jens Koch took photos of Gaga there.

Gb.png Arriving in London

Gaga was seen arriving in London later that night. She walked about the streets doing eccentric poses and posed with fans as well.

Gb.png Oct 26


Gaga revealed a second snippet of Venus after she tweeted for fans to make a vow to spread love with ARTPOP.

"I will release another 'VENUS' snippet if and ONLY if monsters take a pledge and #TrendIt for the world. #iVowToSpreadLoveWithARTPOP"
"#iVowToSpreadLoveWithARTPOP THIS is the community we built together around the world. Lets be known as activists of love. TIME FOR A SNIPPET"
"I wrote 4 hooks in Venus. The snippet is of the first two before the true chorus. The rise before the orgasm. #StopDigitalHate"
"@samraawr you will get the Chorus 2MORO!!!!!!!! SAVE THE ORGASM FOR LAST enjoy the foreplay"
"@RaamishInCP im sorry i meant Sun night MIDNIGHT. im so sleepy and keep country hopping forgive me!"
"The snippet will be tweeted by my dear monster friend Brandon @TheHookerInMe. A real warrior of love, who takes care of @emmac_94 everyday"
"@ARTiP0P your icon is so funny. AND TRUE"
"@MarcMonster you are my friend. Monsters who spread negativity even in the face of envy are not standing with me. Im allowed to have friends"
"@TARASBITCH yes of course but I live in NY and see some of you more frequently. I love you all equally. But it is wrong to punish each other"
"@Chris_Tiainen @MarcMonster beautiful my friend spread this love. Love is Contagious. But so is Hatred. What path will you choose?"
"@SWINEPOPkatie were all friends bonded through the music. But this DigitalHate will tear us apart. Its time to bond together to stop it"
"@holyh00ker like the Venus loves the world"
"@gagasexxdreams whose to say will shall never meet, I know you intimately. When you hear the album you will see"
"@WOMANiCURED we are friends bonded through the music and message. But DigitalHate will tear us apart. We could belong together #ARTPOP"
"#2ndVENUSsnippet Produced by Lady Gaga … #StopDigitalHate #TheGoddessIsComing"
"@Salexoxo that is the spirit"
"@CapeTown1986 i receive your love and send it right back, it does not have to be physical to be real. Our love transcends the physical."
"@hannahesharpe @MarcMonster it is hard to make new friends when you're famous. But you are part of me Hannah, my religion is you remember?"
"@sexgagaloo the gazing ball on the AlbumCover, the point of creation, the vagina spreading love w/ feminine wisdom in an era of digital hate"
"@Icanbequeen thank you for spreading love"
"@oohkellyem EXACTLY . We could belong together #ARTPOP"
"@LesbianForGaga you are noticed and loved"
"@freeasmydick i could never hurt you. but forgive me there is 40,000,000 of you!"


A new promotional commercial for ARTPOP by O2 UK debuted today along with promotional posters.

O2 UK Interview

Gaga was interviewed by O2 for Daily Mail.

Leaving Hotel in London

Gaga was seen leaving the Hotel in London, with a guitar. And meeting with her fans. She went to a studio to rehearse for her upcoming performance on X Factor.

Lady Gaga wears a dress by Dolce & Gabbana, a steampunk goggles by Charlie Le Mindu, a wooden bangles by Assaad Awad, heels by Pleaser, a custom backpack by Valas and a guitar by Gibson.

Arriving at Studio 68

Leaving Studio 68

Gaga was seen leaving the studio where she rehearsed for X Factor. She went to G-A-Y Nightclub afterwards.

At G-A-Y Nightclub

Gaga performed Venus for the first time.


Gb.png Oct 27


Early in the morning after returning from G-A-Y, Gaga tweeted.

"Had an amazing night tonight at G-A-Y in London, after all these years you continue to inspire me. Can't wait for X-Factor tomorrow night!"
"@TheXFactor See you tomorrow! Promise to keep my clothes on. Thanks for the opportunity to perform two songs I rehearsed all night!"
"A MASSIVE thank you to O2 UK for supporting ARTPOP with this beautiful commercial: … Watch + LISTEN to the album early!"
"7 hr and 39 min til #VenusONVevo. The next song experience #VENUS released on iTunes at 12:01am local time October 28. #TAKEMETOYOURPLANET"

Gaga tweeted the audio for Venus which is slated to debut on iTunes later that night.

"HERE IT IS! FULL HQ Audio of 'VENUS' produced by Lady Gaga! <3 Available tonight! iTunes at 12:01am local time Oct.28"
"I had so much fun tonight! I hope you felt our love!! RT @RICHYSQUIRREL: #VENUS has arrived! #xfactoruk"
"@KellyOsbourne I didn't know it was your B-day until this afternoon. Meant as a peace offering. Happy Birthday."
"Monsters, please just focus on the positive of tonight's performance and do not send any hateful messages. I don't support it. #SpreadLove"
"@BornThisGlitter I am VERY happy to see this. This is all I want to see. If you are spreading hatred u are not standing truly by me"
"'VENUS' is out on @iTunesMusic around the world at 12:01am! OUT NOW in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia/NZ!"

At Hotel Room in London

Gaga was photographed at her Hotel room in London.

The X Factor

Main artcicle: The X Factor

Lady Gaga performed a medley of Venus and Do What U Want.

Leaving Fountain Studios

Gaga was seen leaving the X Factor studio.

Lady Gaga wears a scarf on her head by Michalsky, and sunglasses by Tom Ford.

Gb.png Oct 28


"Busy day in music for releases, but happy to be aside @onedirection on those charts! Show them what your made of men! HardWork! Love, #Venus"
"@coffee4374 thank u! Might be a shitty director but when it comes to music I'm a slave to the rhythm! ;) This is my passion!"
"@austingagaloo tonight!"

Gaga also tweeted a link to the new episode of Radio ARTPOP in which a snippet of upcoming album track Mary Jane Holland was debuted.

Leaving Hotel in London

Gaga was seen leaving her hotel to do a photoshoot withMert and Marcus.

Gb.png Oct 29


"Here's the NEWEST SNIPPET from ARTPOP debuted on fan created online station @RadioARTPOP: check out #MARYJANEHOLLAND"
"@madeon INTRODUCING LADIES AND GENTLEMAN the producer of #MJH MMMAAADEEEON Jane Hollland!! :) i can't wait for them to hear Gypsy! #missyou"
"My puppy Alice died. We had to put her down, cancer ate away at a little angel. My daddy is so sad, we all are, lost a member of our family"
"I love being an entertainer but it is so painful sometimes to be away from home 17 years she held on, so many memories. Nothing beats family"
"I remember her laying my bed, she knew when I was sad, or when I was sick. I should have been there. I just pray Alice found her wonderland."

Arriving at ITV Studios in London

Gaga was seen arriving at ITV Studio to record her appearance and performance on The Graham Norton Show.

The Graham Norton Show

Main article: The Graham Norton Show

Gaga recorded her appearance and performance for the Graham Norton Show which premiers on November 8th, 2013.


Gaga performed Do What U Want (black outfit), and Venus (seashell bikini)

Leaving ITV Studios

Gaga was seen leaving the ITV Studios.

Gb.png Oct 30


"So honored to be Woman of the Year on @glamourmag … alongside SUCH inspiring women! Thanku for supporting my passion!"

Leaving Hotel in London

Gaga was seen leaving her hotel in London during the day.

Gb.png Oct 31


Gaga tweeted the Dope single cover.

"'Dope' will be available 12:01am local time Nov 4th. Final song available for purchase before ARTPOP release Nov 11."

Leaving Hotel in London

Gaga was seen leaving her hotel in London during the day.

Robert Wilson

Gaga did a photoshoot with Robert Wilson where she re-enacted iconic artworks.


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