In this month, "ARTPOP" was released and Gaga did lots of interviews and performances to promote it, including hosting Saturday Night Live and performing "Do What U Want" at the American Music Awards.


Gb.png Nov 1

Leaving Hotel in London

Gaga was seen leaving her hotel in London to go do some radio interviews.

Arriving at Kiss FM Studio

Gaga was seen arriving at KISS FM Studio.

At Kiss FM

Gaga was interviewed.

Leaving the Kiss FM Studio

At Capital FM

Main article: Capital FM

BBC Radio 1

Gaga was interviewed.

The Culture Show Interview

Us.png Leaving the JFK Airport in NYC

Gaga was seen leaving at the JFK Airport.

Arriving at her apartment

Gaga was seen arriving at her apartment with Taylor Kinney.

Us.png Nov 2


"artRave is Nov. 10 NY loc. TBA. 1800 ppl will be allowed in. The final retrograde phase of Mercury will occur, transitioning communication."
"It will reveal the miscommunications in our lives. We will no longer be able to side-step the consequences of what we choose to say."

Leaving Joanne Trattoria Restaurant

Gaga was seen with her sister Natali leaving the Joanne Restaurant.

Us.png Nov 3


"Looking forward to debut 'DOPE' tonight live from my home NY @YTMusicAwards YouTube Music Awards as shot by Spike Jonze, live art. #YTMA"
"lovely to hear the marathon runners this morning. Wiggle your fingers and toes, keep that circulation going. New York loves you, champions."
"The @BTWFoundation has NINE born brave runners out their today! Running for self-empowerment, against the winds of intolerance. We love u!"
"@jamescarrollau beautiful"
"@magazner love yourself, allow the inferno of ARTPOP to carry you into bliss"
"@tobeymonster yes, amazing to spread this compassion and love. thats what its all about"
"Tune in now to the YouTube Music Awards! Performing DOPE for the first time"
"DOPE will be available on iTunes at 12:01am local time around the world TONIGHT!"

Leaving her apartment in NYC

Gaga was seen leaving her apartment in New York to go to the YouTube Music Awards.

YouTube Music Awards

Red carpet

Gaga performed Dope for the first time.


Leaving YouTube Music Awards

Us.png Nov 4

Do What U Want Music Video

Gaga began filming the music video for Do What U Want today.


"@Versace la mia famiglia xoxo ti amo Donatella. ti amo Allegra."
"US fans can listen to ARTPOP now on #iTunesRadio!"

At Joanne Trattoria Restaurant

Us.png Nov 5


"#5moreDaysTillartRAVE, The ARTPOP Album Release Event in NY, The Haus is beaming with excitement to share with you our creations and love."
"Lady Gaga's honored to be producing the event, 2 years in the making. On 11.11 ART MUSIC FASHION + TECHNOLOGY explode into flight #ARTPOP"

Out in NYC

Lady Gaga was seen out in New York meeting with fans.

Us.png Nov 6


"#5DaysTillARTPOP Worried you won't get into the album release party? DONT! It will be live streamed by @ClearChannel w/ host @RyanSeacrest!"
"I will also perform live on a stage built around never before exhibited sculptures by JEFF KOONS with DJ sets by @DJWS & @MADEON!!!!!!"

Gaga confirmed that she would perform in outer space in 2015.

"Find out if the rumors are true 11.10 LIVE from ARTPOP's album launch. Will #VirginGalactic+#ZeroGColony send Gaga to sing LIVE from space?"
"@erikm0nster i wrote it the european way ;) just fixed it thanks!"

Building in NYC

Gaga was seen leaving her apartment in NYC, leaving a building and returning at her apartment.

Us.png Nov 7

[5] "Mo money mo problems. Workin' hard, can't wait for artTAVE. Next destination, radio interviews!"

[4] "Lookin' Good on the SHEEELLLFF. So excited and proud!! Right next to Em too!"


[2] "This book is the sweetest thing ever, I read all the books you give me and bed. #BedtimeStories"

[1] "ME and Spike Jonze @ YOUtube Music Awards he is a baller"


"UK monsters, official ARTPOP stream is up on #O2Tracks! "
"Hi Japanese Monsters! Thank you so much for supporting my new album ARTPOP and making it a #1 album on iTunes in your country. Aishitemasu!"
"ARTPOP Pop-Up Shop Locations! Purchase. album & walk through costume gallery! NYC: 417 West 14th Street LA: 1538 N Cahuenga Blvd, Hollywood"
"Ok MONSTERS! is back up & running better than ever! Sign up now to enhance the interactive experience on ARTPOP'S APP"
"@MarsCuriosity Thanks! Maybe u can give me #spacetips? Intergalactic drinks? I know a few hotspots on #VENUS, but Mars is outta this world."
"@RaamishInCP The app was built by a team I put together personally, not backplane. backplane was integrated to connect the worlds."

Us.png Nov 8


"Lots of EXCITING announcements coming today w/ @HM, the Haus' newest invention 'VOLANTIS', and my new TECH companies PETGA Inc & TechHaus."
"Check out my new cover story with @AttitudeMag shot by @inezandvinoodh !"
"Monsters who got ARTPOP early! Tweet pix with your physical copy and I'll tweet you back! Maybe I'll make a collage, or a dress! #ARTPOP"
"@unicorndoll oh wow I'm so happy! Finally!"
"I'm excited to announce that 175 US H&M @HM locations will be carrying the physical copy of ARTPOP, including the LIMITED EDITION PINK FOIL"
"I will be at the NEW Times Square @HM opening at 12:01am Thursday morning the 14th to open the store and celebrate ARTPOP! <3 so excited!!"
"Discover the #ARTPOPApp for FREE at your APPStore then create and communicate with #ArtHaus"
"@LovelyMonster97 I love it so amazing! I'm so happy! Enjoy my darling!"
"@imNGO :) I so happy you're happy"
"@LGMonsterFacts doing dirty deeds with the music i see, this album has a very rebellious spirit"

Leaving Z100 Radio Studio in NYC

Gaga was seen leaving Z100 Radio Studio today to go do some radio interviews.

The Elvis Duran & Z100 Morning Show

Gaga recorded an interview with z100 which will air on November 11th, the day ARTPOP is released.


USA Today

Arriving at Sirius XM

Lady Gaga going to Sirius XM Satellite Radio.

Sirius XM

She was interviewed by the Sirius Hits 1 XM crew.

Leaving Sirius XM

Gaga was seen leaving the studio.

Return to her apartment

Gaga was seen returning to her apartment after her interview with Sirius XM.

Us.png Nov 9


"Me and June Brown! Career highlight (for me not her) finally got to show my talents as a seamstress brilliant she is!"
"DO WHAT U WANT on @grahnort sometimes I just wanna sing. In MarcJacobs final collection 4 @LouisVuitton #10inchheels"
"@artpopkoons so cute! Makes me hungry!"
"On my way to test-fly #VOLANTIS the newest invention by the Haus of Gaga: The Flying Dress. #IdeasTakeFlight #artRave #30hrsTillArtRave"
"@samxmonster I love it! I'm so happy it's in your hands!"
"@bettyann329 yes! You are the future! You are the great minds I'm so honored to be around"
"@gagasmockingjay yes this is acceptable :)"
"@_artpopist_ doggie ARTPOP selfie so cute!"
"@Nataliaalg if u can't beat ure insanity embrace it"
"@ThFameGirlxo omg wow thanks! It's just the beginning wait till 2moro night!"
"@Millyzz breathe :)"
"Do What U Want is on the radio in NYC!!! Oooowwwheeee!"
"24hrs until ARTPOP release! GET READY TO PARTY. Drinks. CHECK. Party favors. CHECK. Gazing balls. CHECK. Paper bag to breathe into. CHECK."
"@Gagaslilbitches hahahahaha"
"When they loaded in the Koons sculptures at the event space I almost fainted. I just heard my dad saying 'LOOPY?' 'LOOOPS?' DAD NOT NOW"
"@BlackBoy_Miah YES TERRY IS FILMING THE LIVE STREAM *dreams do come true*"
"@AsFreeAsMyGagaa i like to inject an element of humor when naming our inventions. Dress is a relative term. She has many possibilities"
"@Jordan032886 its a combination of VOLER which means 'to fly' in French, and ATLANTIS thought of by many as 'myth'"
"The ARTPOP App is also scheduled for release 2morrow night w/ the album. This will be its initial rollout, updated every few weeks."
"@thigomesx 2 yrs"
"The App will update in stages over the next year. We did this to test server capacity and engage in an ongoing creative process w/ monsters."
"Download the App FREE, chat with fans worldwide while you listen to the album, create w ARTHAUS, and upload ure creations to social media."
"@olliechao worldwide"
"@bornthisvenus this will not come out until further upgrades of the App. We are paving new technical ground, testing the technology slowly"
"@IadygagaIover @rickyzolanski yes , but not tomorrow. there will be upgrades throughout the year to keep you excited!"

[3] "Get ready for my iHeartRadio takeover (I brought a few friends!)"

[2] "Workin hard for ARTPOP SiriusXm gal"

[1] "Getting ready for the artRAVE"

Out in New York

Gaga was seen out in New York City.

Us.png Nov 10


"Twitterverse, 2day Mercury leaves retrograde, which means u will no longer side-step the consequences of the things you say on the internet"
"Today is a VERY important day for the 'resetting' of communication. Protect your karma, spread love, and THINK before you tweet."
"Be compassionate to those around you who experience consequences for their 2013 communicative choices TODAY, its kingdom come. #ARTPOP2NIGHT"
"Playing w/ APP: … Create using preloaded graphics/text OR using your own pics. Animate your 3D model then export .gif !"
"At 6pm EST today we will beta test VOLANTIS with the world. We invite you into our creative process during her initial stages of lift off."
"The ARTPOP album AND ARTPOP App are both available in 1 h 45 minutes Worldwide! You MUST retrieve the Free App at the AppStore. #ARTPOP"
"Jeff Koons, Me, Marina Abramovic! Tonight we celebrate creativity, invention & passion in honor of these art heroes."
"artRave live stream is up now on @VEVO!"
"Were working are on fixing the Livestream, there's A LOT of traffic. If VEVO does not work in your territory, fear not, we're posting video."
"Only little monsters can crash VEVO. *face palm*"

Leaving her apartment in NYC

Gaga was seen out in New York City on her way to artRAVE.


Pre-artRAVE Press Conference

Before the actual artRAVE began, Gaga held a press conference where she discusses her app.

artRAVE Press Conference: Presenting VOLANTIS

Lady Gaga presented VOLANTIS, a flying dress invention from TechHaus.

artRAVE White Carpet

Gaga arrived at the artRAVE officially on the white carpet.

Fuse News Interview
Ryan Seacrest Interview

Gaga was interviewed by Ryan Seacrest for iHeart radio and for when artRAVE premiers on television on CW on November 19th, 2013.

Set list
  1. Aura
  3. Venus
  5. Sexxx Dreams
  6. Gypsy
  7. Dope
  8. Applause
  9. Do What U Want

Us.png Nov 11


"@P_H_E_N_I_X so dope! If looks like a pop Dali!"
"Tweet #ARTPOP #artRave & we will see your tweets and pictures live at the artRave on BIG screens. We are with you!"
"The App is available now for Free ALSO on Android/GooglePlay, if you haven't purchased the album yet you can buy it through the app!"
"@Stefanie4chuck @Gaga let's blast off to aaaaaa new dimension! Love it!"
"@MissBondStreet I'm so glad you loved It! Long week! Pure adrenalin, and what a rush performing around those sculptures"
"@PaulSemaanGAGA on it."
"@LinePow02 lookin good, in ure hands where it belongs!"
"@OllynotOllie hahahahahhaa amazing!"
"@ThomasItsMe_ we are taking down all notes from initial launch and will update the technology shortly"
"@DollarsAndFame serving"
"@vargjaeger thanks so the notification"
"@sc00byd00bie I can't believe those sculptures made it out alive, you made me proud"
"@MonstHair cute!"
"@mandaflamingo oh my god"
"@amandaxalvarado thank you for the notification, in the meantime check if there are pre existing issues on your device"
"@lilmonsterrobin yes! Fly monster!"
"@CarohLovesGaga ahhh!"
"@itstonybennett thanks Tony, I was so happy to see you at the artRave. I can't wait for everyone to hear our new album together! Xxxkissxx"
"My voice held out until this AM! She made it through last night! Now I sound like an irritated cow. Making a .gif to express my feelings."
"Me after artRave #ArtHaus … #IrritatedCow"
"@CakeLikeLina what a cutie!"
"And Jeff Koons! RT @USATODAY: Today's logo guest-designed by @ladygaga. #artpop"
"Check out this FREE vinyl player to listen to ARTOP! You can even control the needle, wind the record back+forth!"
"@Ben_JM we will be posting a website to access your codes."
"Just chatted with monsters via the App while they're hearing the album for the first time. Ahhhhhh! I love ARTPOP!"
"To chat in the APP swipe your finger from the left side of the screen, login + sign up for"
"@theonewithkatie everything is absolutely, jus enjoy the experience"
"@ChaseYurgaitis thanks! We will continue to make improvements and update its functionality and features"
"@onedirslaytion thanks directioner!"
"@cumslutcutie yes! Brilliant young minds!"
"WATCH a Video of VOLANTIS : The Flying Dress built by techHAUS. Footage from the artRAVE! Shot By @Terry_World"
"I think ure fan symbol is a preexisting gang sign. Love u Ryan! #ARTPOP RT RyanSeacrest: I left my goggles at home :/"


Gaga's album ARTPOP was released today officially.

ArtRAVE: Meet and Greet

Gaga met fans after the artRAVE very early in the morning.


Gaga posted 4 pictures.

[4] "This Morning, artRAVE pre"

[3] "Time to dream. Tonight close your eyes imagination sight, the tomorrow open up and May ideas take flight."

[2] "Me and Jeff"

[1] "The artRave blew my mind. The variable you can never predict is monsters. You made it all come alive, around the world!

Leaving her apartment in NYC

Gaga was seen out in New York City heading to Saturday Night Live rehearsals and later, returning at her apartment.

Heading to Glamour Magazine Women of the Year Awards

Gaga was seen leaving her apartment and heading to the Glamour Magazine Women of the Year Awards.

Glamour Magazine Women of the Year Awards

Red Carpet

Gaga posed on the red carpet for the paparazzi.

Entertainment Tonight Interview

Carnegie Hall in NYC

Gaga was seen arriving and leaving the Carnegie Hall in NYC.

Us.png Nov 12


"Getting ready to see @howardstern on the @sternshow in 1.5 hrs! I made him a him a special .gif with ARTPOP app : - )"
"@Trucker_Alex hey thanks!"
"@drunkofmahone that is so sweet to say thank u!"
"So @Andy told me they made perfume out of my pee from the trash in WWH dressing room (long story) U HAVE BEEN WARNED IF HE TRIES TO SPRITZ U"
"NAPTIME, zzzzz zzzz. Album release week is kicking my ass! #ARTPOP IS OUT NOW! (sorry they programmed my robot to say that.) #PromoGa"
"OH MY FUNNY watch @JimmyKimmel reviews ARTPOP lyrics on the streets of LA: … MY FAV IS THE GUY THAT KEEPS SAYING NO"
"@TheEllenShow haha Ellen, why didn't you flag me down?! Well YOURE surely an angel to me. We miss you see ya next week!"
"AH! I've been envisioning this since i was 4 AND 3/4rs! Here's me & Kenan warming up for SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE @nbcsnl"
"@AurelisConTwtt thanks for feedback! we are working on making the text separate from the backgrounds so you can make things bigger+smaller!"
"@TomyKMonster cynthiaaa!!!!"
"@TaylorKinney111 O-M-G i love your show and think you're SO TALENTED! ChicagoFire is totes my fav show!!! xoxoxo taylorfan6969"

Leaving her apartment in NYC

Gaga was seen leaving her apartment in New York City early in the day.

Howard Stern Show

Gaga performed Dope and an acoustic version of Gypsy.

At Sirius XM Studio

Leaving Howard Stern Studio

Gaga was seen leaving the Howard Stern show.

Arriving at her apartment

Gaga was seen arriving at her apartment.

Saturday Night Live Promo

Commercials promoting Gaga's hosting and performance on SNL aired today.

Mary Ellen Matthews

Gaga did a photoshoot with Mary Ellen Matthews for Saturday Night Promo.

With fans in NYC

Lady Gaga was seen out in NYC going to rehearsal of Saturday Night Live.

Us.png Nov 13


"If you missed it, CHECK OUT my interview and 2 performances of 'dope' and 'gypsy' on @TheSternShow Howard's awesome!"
"@TheRealSambora im still recovering from hanging out with you backstage. LEGEND I can die a happy deranged dreadlocked grandma!"
"Support the REAL #GlamourWomanOfTheYear @malalafund text MALALA to 50555 give $10. 16 yrs old Challenging the Taliban."
"Wanna learn about the ARTPOP Album Cover? Hear from the artist JEFF KOONS himself right here:"

Heading at Saturday Night Live Rehearsal

Leaving her apartment

Gaga was seen leaving her apartment early in the day in New York City.

H & M Opening Party in NYC

Main article: H&M

Us.png Nov 14


"The world may target our famous family, but my dad's restaurant is delicious + better than ever! Italian NY comfort X"
"LEARN the meaning of ARTPOP: watch my interview w/ BBC Culture Show. Miranda's interview style with me was brilliant."

Leaving her apartment

Gaga was seen leaving her apartment today in NYC.

Out and about in NYC

Arriving at her apartment

Us.png Nov 15

Leaving her apartment

Lady Gaga was seen leaving her apartment in the afternoon.

Arriving at her apartment in NYC

Gaga was seen arriving at her apartment in NYC.

Lady Gaga is wearing a shirt by Saint Laurent Paris (AW13 Collection), "Samuele" sunglasses by Tom Ford, and shoes by Pleaser.

Us.png Nov 16


"Looks like I never tweeted that my album is out with a link, whoops! Busy week!"
"Listen to my #SaturdayNightOnline interview with @RomeoOnSNOL tonight at 7:30pm ET!"
"Can't wait to host + perform on @nbcsnl tonight! A lifelong dream! Watch at 11:30pm ET/PT."
"Hold the phone! I'm hosting @nbcsnl in 18 min! #GagaOnSNL"
"What a spectacular time I had on @nbcsnl Thanks Lorne, the cast, band

@Rkelly @richysquirrel @MichaelBearden + my old buddy @briannewmanny"

"@DAngeloTaylor ipw"

Saturday Night Live

SNL Web Exclusive Skit "Female Sea Captains"

SNL posted an unseen skit online.


Leaving Dos Caminos Restaurant in NYC

Gaga went to eat at Dos Caminos Restaurant after hosting and performing on SNL, was seen signing autographs and returning at her apartment.

Us.png Nov 17


"@DAngeloTaylor #IPickWinners Robert Kelly is a round twelve superstar"
"I just put cake directly into a tub of ice cream #IKnowNoShame"
"@BeatrixIshii I want to!"
"I'm so happy! ARTPOP debuted #1 on UK Charts today! Im glad you love the music! See you in December when I headline Jingle Bell Ball. Xxx"
"@BonnieMcKee thanks for the ARTPOP shoutout! Love to finally see you doin your thing after all these years! X"
"Ok! ARTPOP Q + A in 12minutes with me! Ask about the album, SNL, @rkelly, whatever you want!"
"@gaga8mynutella I made a jazz album with Tony Bennett. He's so amazing to me, every moment of the recording process put a smile on my face."
"@DanyloSalles @rkelly yes"
"@MattPolimeno I want to make one! Just waiting for the right moment/song in the album cycle!"
"@jessicakawik hmm I don't know! I love them all! old

Lady gaga was so fun thought"

"@applausess they were all fun even the as an emotional songs. Music makes me feel like everything is ok, it's a place to put my pain"
"@StvEvans who cares. I know the truth. wheelchair for 5 months. when u persevere the enemy is silenced by ure strength. So they downplay it"
"@7MatthewGerm yes Marilyn + Roxie Hart! This is a very traditional broadway/fosse image! I wanted to tribute my NY theatre roots!"
"@Fxxkyall your food!"
"@KatherynElPerry I fall in love with a different one every day depending on my mood. But the song ARTPOP. I LOVE the most for its meaning."
"@tweetillate it was a party in the studio for sure! I worked for 73 hrs we were were glitter hippies on a pop trip, inappropriate basslines"
"@MillieGMonster next year! Announcing soon!"
"@HannahShega41 in due time! Later but not today? I wanna tell you but it's a surprise?"
"@N0wayjosay we're editing it! It's very raw and emotional"
"@LauraCastanoGir didn't want to live on an alternate plane anymore, I was sad+numbing my pain. had to face my entire past. Had to be brave."
"@Curkiie4Gaga on ARTPOP, I'm a big fan of listening all the way through if I'm in need of a pick me up, it's one hour of pure adrenalin"
"@BAMLikeLadyGaga I surprise my mom and sisters all the time with stuff! I like to spoil my family it's terrible but feels good!"
"@AngelumDiLux it is the continuation of the fame monster, w/ all the knowledge and intention of Born This Way beating through its heart"
"@APPLAUSE95 fun watching the boy producers faces light up. My background is more in live instrumentation, fun showing women can be cats too"
"@Andy I'm catching up on my Bravo 1. The backtalking to Mrs. Vanderpump is SHOCKING 2. RHOM reunion should have been called the 'unreunion'"
"@andy 3.On what planet does one work at a restaurant, sass their boss & not get fired. 4.Lisa throwing up on the side of the rode #realbitch"
"@colewpatton culture"
"@PAULDAVIES123 it's written like a sexual psychedelic poem. two conversations 1 in real life+1 in my head. Adrenalin of forbidden thoughts."
"@GagasRebelFreak spent 2 years making music that gave me joy and happy energy when I was sad. A celebration of being myself since the fame"
"ARTPOP's music is a celebration of the impact monsters&I have had since the fame. Not just style, but taking risks to spread love & =quality"
"6 years later, I never let anything change me. Those blonde bangs they thought were weird are now a sculpture, tall and proud and forever."
"@JoshuaMarriott I cry. Have no where left to put my pain"
"@_kevinreal this song is about falling in love and not trying to change the other person. We're all on our own journeys, gypsy love"
"@erinmariemullin my whole life, but it doesn't matter. Passion can find you at anytime, u just have to be brave enough to accept it"
"@bloodyshaq you will be judged harshly no matter what. So what's the fear. Just go for it, you have to be willing to have downs to have ups"
"@LisaVanderpump I waitressed since I was 15 in NY. They should be thanking their lucky stripes they have jobs in this economy & a nice boss!"
"@LuizJozeMonster u want to follow your dreams, and spread love with every invention"
"Go to Check out me hosting SNL last night! Here's a peak at my monologue"
"Thank u to @versace for the beautiful custom costumes they designed for all my performances on the show! #SNLVersaceGaga am I dreaming?"
"SNL Skit OLD LADY GAGA … Been dreaming this up for a while, was so happy the writers rallied and brought it to life!"
"@AndyMonsteer you must have sadness for the laugh to count in comedy"
"@LeoLMonster that makes me happy baby? Party. Dance. Life is too short to cry."
"@voicecraic Yes I feel like my old self listening to it. The greatest albums deliver the artists pure vision + encapsulate a moment in time."
"Upgrades for #ARTPOPApp Coming SOON. Use #ArtHaus now with basic tools to challenge your creativity before phase 2"
"@BlackBoy_Miah check your phone for existing problems, we are cleaning up servers but should be working well"
"@DitaElectronica Maybe if were ALL a little kinder to one another & not so unnecessarily competitive we can set good examples for each other"
"@CakeLikeDylan crazy!"
"@joshmyburgh I feel like that every day"
"@LizbethEscoba12 yes"
"@puddingpronoun succulents make for excellent conversation"
"@NeonValleyKid she is everything!"
"@abesuxx yes she's amazing!"
"@iamnickellis amazing!"
"@mxrinasdiamonds I've always been into art, just inspired to bring it to the forefront in a time when pop is mostly dictated by the industry"

Us.png Ca.png Nov 18


"My 1st platinum plaque for ARTPOP! Thank u Canada! The Fame went platinum here 1st+now ARTPOP! What a wonderful night"
"Sweet dreams Twitterverse! having #ARTPOP dreams as I lay me down to sleep, colors and rage, explosive charades, showbiz electronica #gaze"

Us.png Leaving her apartment

Gaga was seen leaving her apartment in New York City.

Ca.png Leaving the Airport in Toronto

Arriving Hotel in Toronto

Gaga was seen arriving at her hotel in Toronto, Canada.

CBC News Interview

Gaga gave an interview to CBC news.

eTalk Interview

Gaga gave an interview to eTalk Canada.

AndPop's: Simon Mohos Interview

MSN Canada Interview

Main article: MSN

ET Canada Interview

ARTPOP Gallery

Gaga visited the Toronto ARTPOP Pop-up Gallery.

City Entertainment Interview


Gaga was interviewed by Canadian radio station z103.5

Leaving Hotel in Toronto

Gaga was seen leaving her hotel in Toronto.

Arriving at 99 Subdury


Gaga was presented plaitnum plaque for ARTPOP here and she was interviewed.

Ca.png Nov 19

Footage of the artRAVE party was shown on television today on CW.


"@mmmmarkgo it's an equal opportunity album experience"
"@T_rey1 lay back and feast"
"Many interviewers quelped today about my 'SHOCKING' performance w/ R Kelly on SNL I'm beginning to think y'all aren't ready for the video"
"I'm so happy ARTPOP debuted #1 in the US and is already platinum is countries all over the world! thank u"
"Watch footage from my album release party on TV, CW in 50 min! 8pm PST. It was a wild and memorable evening, and now you get to peak inside!"
"I'm watching #iheartradio album release party, I'm gonna cry the whole time! I'm dancing around the sculptures it's beautiful! #thankuCW"
"@ryanseacrest actually MANiCURE is about nails, but we sounded smart :)"
"#GagaOnCW oh my darling monsters, you will years from now know how important the artRave really was. I can't wait to turn it into a tour!

Leaving Hotel

Kiss 92.5

Gaga was interviewed at Kiss 92.5


Us.png Nov 20


"I put so much love into my music, into my shows, I make it all for you. I'll never understand the overflow of hate sent my way."
"Or maybe thats what entertainment is now. It's more fun to point & laugh than appreciate the artist. I'll keep rehearsing my steps #showbiz"
"@billboard you're included actually. In todays industry, u should be supportive of music period. Why target a passionate + dedicated artist?"
"Im returning to ABC for A Thanksgiving Special: Tune in Thurs 11.28! "Lady Gaga & The Muppets Holiday Spectacular""
"In the next hour Haus of Gaga will post an ARTPOP film by Inez and Vinoodh."
"WATCH: An ARTPOP Film. Starring Lady GaGa "
"@LilMonsterGina1 you're a bright shining star. I love to just turn music on so loud my ears could bleed, shut the world out."
"I just signed an ARTPOP 'tarp' as in monsters were using it to keep dry= dedication. The were singing ARTPOP underneath. My Magic Hippies."

[4] "once you go black, you never go completely back!

[3] "wanna go from DRAB to MAD for the holidays? BLEACH YOUR ROOTS ONLY..& FRAME THAT WINTER GRIN! 1-800-IAMMYHAIR

[2] "#SKUNKpunk

[1] "Reverse bleacholian expedition, and we JUST released we were both wearing the same thing

ARTPOP film starring Lady Gaga

Gaga posted an ARTPOP film which was filmed by Inez and Vinoodh back in July 2013.

Us.png Nov 21


"Check out me, Elton, and the Muppets gearing up for our THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR! & "
"@Marvalous0729 weird me too. nothing like 5:30 am with a piano and a cigarette"
"@BadKidJames i use the baby piano, cuz im still the baby popstar"
"It's been so great to see Kermie again, although a little awkward since our break-up. Hopefully Ms. Piggy and I get along this Thanksgiving."
"Saw questions about ARTPOP film: The is me on a creative pop trip, I performed for 12 hrs straight. Me+Music+Pain+Creativity= ARTPOP X"
"@wantgaga Also the BBC Interview this was done after performing for for 2 20 hrs periods for Bob Wilson. Those pieces are now in the Louvre!"
"I know my artiness + musical goals may seem lofty, but there is a POP STAR IN THE LOUVRE, right next to the Mona Lisa"
"The below is a photo of a video portrait of me by @Bob___Wilson , I performed as the famous painting 'THE DEATH OF MARAT' for about six hrs"
"@Mr_Xandarski the world will never know! muah ha ha"
"@Tarzmartin says who!"
"2day ARTPOPs #1 all over the world! I'm so happy+grateful to my home +international fans! This is a party record turn it up lets celebrate!"
"@alexringler yes"
"My 'autocorrect' just corrected sex with security. ha SAD. Long long ARTPOP day. Excited for AMAS! Nigh nigh babies"
"so proud of my drummer of 5 years @Spankydrumz is on the cover of modern drummer! He's a completely killer musician."

Recording Studio in LA

Gaga was seen at a recording studio in LA.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Lady Gaga recorded her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today.

"Bro Show" Sketch

Leaving The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Gaga was seen leaving the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Us.png Nov 22


"Sneak Peak of Lady Gaga and The Muppets Holiday Spectacular HQ"
"@KelseyHilson I know it's a monster thing. At least there's no fur on my face! (Yet)"
"We are planning the tour, I repeat we are planning a RAVE of epic dance partying proportions with piano cabaret and ME performing LIVE"
"@AlvisV But this is an artRave"
"@LadyGagaNowNet My schedule's been too much+we didn't have time to rehearse a performance, but the interview was awesome & about the music!"
"@LadyGagaNowNet my fans deserve a killer performance for DWUW, just wait for SUNDAY! Rehearsal= happy gaga"
"@CharLovesGaga @TheEllenShow i know she is so awesome, It's so easy to talk to her. And she really cares about my music, she has class!"
"@cakeliketatum i havent slept in 2 months. I'm hustling for ARTPOP I believe in this album and message!"
"@MonstersTeeth @TheEllenShow its consumed me my whole life Thats why ARTPOP's so intense. Im obsessed with music's ability to change ur mood"
"@MatteoAllievi its meant to transport you as quick as possible from any mindframe, like a frequency goes off and you know its time to dance"
"@JULIAGAGAH singing, BUT I love to do both."
"@fcksvenus it was designed to make you feel happy!! to transport u from reality into OUR reality Allowing music + creativity to consume you"
"@Ratchet_Gaga its the culture we live in Thats why ART sits in the front of POP I want u to feel consumed by creativity in a passionless age"
"ARTPOP I composed a dance record that begs for soul+creativity during a passionless age Finding passion in plastic Putting Art into PopMusic"
"@gj_gabriel its a full on party"
"@yousefalramzi cuz its ouurrr life"
"@markleemonster just watching the things around me. I want the fans to see that ARTPOP is a revolution against the status quo of pop."
"@MisterBroRo thanks!"
"@Bruno_MarSandy_ hope you love the record!"
"@Vonzmirlen omg really!!! ill be there in a few weeks say hi!!"
"@Hendriiyy not THAT long

Us.png Nov 23


"It scares me how little I've changed. And trust that would have been a seashell bikini if not for my mother."
"Danced in heels ALL day today, I REPEAT I am currently approaching full capacity heel usage post op. WORK IT GRANMA get those 4 inches!"
"I mean I am a professional heel wearer this is kinda a bid deal for me"
"Awesome interpretatation of my portraits in the Louvre 'artist' vs. 'critic'"
"@LouiseDaMonsta GO IN LOUISE. im telling you it can lift you out of any bad mood and mobilize your soul"
"@_gagafied_ i wrote the album to revitalize anyone who needed with pure pop adrenalin. I hope you feel great and like you can do anything."
"Do What U Want is on the radio in LA! Right now! 102.3! *jammin in the car*"
"Listen to me all weekend on The @WkndThrowdown with @JaggerOnAir! Find out when to listen:"
"Just left AMAs, so pumped for the show! Back to rehearsal! I'm gonna need to put some cucumbers on these eyes tonight!"
"I'm so happy to be working w/ @Versace for the new Campaign! What do you wanna wear this Spring? #Donatella #famiglia"
"Ahhhh! Applause is on KISS FM LA! Ahh!"
"I had time to get a manicure and pedicure for the first time in 2 months this is exciting. #missUmonsters #cantwait4tour night night"
"@rickyzolanski so excited! I can't wait, he's such a good friend"

Us.png Nov 24


"Common monsters. Lets begin our revolution. Trend ] #PromoteOnlineKindness Let this be our first Artistic Revolution Trough Potential of Pop"
"Those artists+creative monsters, make #PromoteOnlineKindess artwork+we will create #kindpromotion with YOUR work. Lets spread this message!"
"@elmalparidoo YES THIS is the message of ARTPOP. u are starting to understand!"
"@HausOfAlexY i will continue to remind them. that they are not truly standing by me if they spread negativity"
"@keatonjohnjame1 anything u want! art has no limits!"
"@EstherSauzet u can make anything you want. Everyone has talent you just have to follow your passion"
"@UKGagaWorld yes"
"@gethimhot so smart"
"@Little_Monsterx yes we are. first it was to be ourselves. now it is to spread kindness and love with every invention of your life"
"@JJ_GooGoo great idea"
"Getting ready for red carpet ! #AMAs can't wait! what do you wanna wear this spring? What do think is the new thing? #guessmydesigner"
"@EmmyARTPOP um duh!"
"I'm so happy to be working w/ @Versace for the new Campaign! What do you wanna wear this Spring? #Donatella #famiglia"

American Music Awards Rehearsals

Gaga was seen rehearsing for the American Music Awards.

Out in Los Angeles

Gaga was seen out in Los Angeles before the American Music Awards.

Arriving at the Nokia Teathre

The American Music Awards

Red Carpet
Entertainment Tonight Interview
E! Live - Online Interview
Extra Interview
  1. "Do What U Want"
  • Gaga: -American Music Awards, hold please.-
  • Gaga: -American Music Awards, yes. This is an american themed performance, hold please.-
  • Gaga: -Oh, President Kelly.-
  • Kelly: -Honey, I've had a bad day. Can you bring me my lunch?-
  • Gaga: -What are you hungry for, Mr. President?-
  • Kelly: -Girl, you've been working for me for six long years. You know what I want.-
  • Gaga: -I just wanna hear you say it.-
  • Kelly: -I want that Italian, I want that Italian. Ohhh, I want that Italian.-
  • Gaga: -Coming right up, Robert.-
  • (Gaga sings)
  • Gaga: -Do you need anything else?-
  • (Gaga sings)
  • (R. Kelly sings)
  • (Gaga sings)
  • Kelly: -Who put these pictures on Instagram?-
  • (Gaga sings)
  • Reporter: Now President Kelly, who is this girl?

After Party

Leaving the Nokia Theatre in LA

Gaga was seen out in Los Angeles leaving the American Music Awards after the after party.

Us.png Nov 25

The Ellen DeGeneres Show aired today. It was recorded on November 21st.


"Getting ready to leave for Tokyo! I can't hardly wait! *packing extra rhinestones* for Japanese little monsters here I come! Xx"

"In case you missed it, Here's me and @RKelly's duet at the AMAs:"
"The Instagram Post"
"The Instagram Post"


[1]: "Cuddling up on the plane. See you in 12 hrs Japanese Monsters! Xoxopawsupxoxo"

Arriving at LAX Airport

Gaga was seen at the LAX airport boarding a plane to Tokyo, Japan.

Jp.png Nov 26


"Just arrived in Japan to a thousand little monster angels! Thank you for my ARTPOP presents I will cherish them!"

At Narita Airport

Gaga arrived at the Narita Airport to many fans.

AMP Radio Interview

Gaga called into this station for an interview by Carson Daly.

Jp.png Nov 27


"Born This Way (Country Road Version) is included on #SongsForThePhilippines to raise money for #Haiyan relief efforts "
"LIZA MINNELLI loves ARTPOP. My life is finally complete! I thought of you the whole way through SNL liza i love you!"
"@ChiefKeef this b*tch she loves SOSA, got me through some hard times, hidin' in Chicago, when I get f*cked over. ❤️❤️ ❤️ BANG BANG"
"@ChiefKeef @djws and my hooks ALL NIGHT"
"All 6 Shows at ROSELAND SOLD OUT, so we added a final special 7th show! I spent a lot of time there as a fan, I can't wait to perform for NY"
"@LGMonsterFacts I wont stand for negativity. from my fans especially, + other fan bases as well. if you're a real fan. you will spread love"
"@hausofpd @LGMonsterFacts i'll continue to block both my own fans+others to make a point-->it has to stop. catty internet nonsense."
"@JustJared glad we ran into each other! Congratulations on your site, we love watching your success grow. :) nice background"
"@TrisityG_A_G_A not at all and it makes me really feel sick to see any of you partaking in it. Revolutionaries don't whine and pull hair."
"@TrisityG_A_G_A were bad asses of love. were art punks. You should be focusing on your passion. This is not what we built. Focus on fun!"
"@katyslays1 @KatySlaysUrFav u should change your name. it's not a competition. its music & meant to be beautiful. we could belong together"
"@hausofrobert major real fan. love it"
"@TheOneRitz @katyslays1 @KatySlaysUrFav that is absolutely not true. anyone using this kind of language that is a fan it not standing by me"
"@lxdygodga why not? lets all make a change and be positive. you can still use your fav artist. just no hateful terminology"
"@CasonMonster yes!"
"#PromoteOnlineKindness we could belong together. ARTPOP"
"@MalikMinajesty its made the internet not fun anymore if we wanna continue to have interactive experiences we gotta be positive or it ruins"
"@MrHarryCoates thats not the point. the point is we don't post things we wouldn't say to someones face, or the artist. preserve the internet"
"@StateOfJake she told me she lives for 'applause' it was very sweet and unexpected!"
"If we want the internet to remain a fun place for the world to connect we must preserve it #ThinkBeforeYouTweet Set an example 4youth online"
"@Marianawf me too!! its not fun anymore. lets band together and make it fun. block any negativity on your timeline, and #thinkbeforeyoutweet"
"@eyeemoji step 1: block the negativity step 2: asses your style of tweeting and make sure your contributing to a healthy internet"
"@OngJengKay yes i do"
"@OngJengKay if we all do it together"
"@gagaspiercing yes"
"@anorexicjesus 1 block anyone negative 2 think before you tweet"
"@behindthebwrqa we can lets do this. if you want to be remembered as revolutionaries you must stand for good not evil"
"@revlm tell them, if they don't stop block them. there is no shame it removing negativity from your life. it is powerful and can make u sad"
"@cumslutcutie and whast weirder is you would never say them in person to someone. If we did there would be fighting in the streets everyday."
"@cumslutcutie thats why theres fighting on the internet everyday, not recourse for actions. we have to do our own policing. Block negativity"
"@HausOfJP yes, start a big campaign. who cares. your spreading love you will be remembered for your bravery"
"@anorexicjesus block them on social media"
"@eddyfunboyv3 pay them no mind, block them from their timeline. many will change there ways, clean up their act, and then welcome them back"
"@gagaswings you should tell them it hurts you, and if they dont care they are not your real friends. stand up for love, its all we have"
"@gagatallica it wont. BUT if we block them we dont have to see it anymore. so it protects the internet. block negative accounts"
"@Jaeonce nothing. think before you tweet. nobody deserves to be dragged. if you have something to day articulate it well, dont pull hair"
"@crazybadkid bravery and acceptance. born this way"
"@MrLittleRebel a small change, when done by many will eventually equal big change. be patient. spread love"
"@LeoGagaloo speak up and defend yourself"
"@sebbaarce it will. be a part of it. no one deserves to have hatred on their cellphones everyday. lets clean up the internet"
"@larryapplause yep!"
"@ElieMouton yes! for some it is fun to 'hate' and get a rise out of others. if you block them you take away their power"
"@HausOfPaulain i know thats the hard part. but if u want to make the internet a more fun place find a way to defend yourself without hatred"
"@StefanSauter2 block them and encourage others to block them"
"Here's a sneak peak of Lady Gaga & The Muppets Holiday Spectacular Walter Kermie and Piggy are fullout!"
"@GagaNewZealand feel better already right?"
"@dxllvz no i dont, its standing up against negativity"
"@MaryJHolland_ its good to close the community out to negativity."
"you can't have m heart and you wont use my miiiiind but, do what you want with my BAWWWWWWDDDDYY do what u want with my BAWDDDY *dancingGA*"
"Rehearsing for Japanese TV! Im always so honored by the beautiful sets they build for me here, I can't wait! First stop SMAP X SMAP!"
"@maikeeb_kills OMG NO! This picture is gonna make me cry. why are both crying though. you were just a baby 'slay' then"
"Now THIS is what stanning is all about. Pure pop and joy, This is ARTPOP: when we come together we BELONG:"
"@renzkerr very respectable. we could belong together"
"Check out my stellar performance of Do What You Want on Ellen! … *calling all straights*"
"Who needs barbies when you can own your own life size pop star that sings to you #gagadollz"
"We're listening to G.U.Y+celebrating over 1.2 million ARTPOP albums worldwide and 7 sold out shows at Roseland! Xx"


"Playing with all my presents from Japanese monsters, kawaii! In my room listening to ARTPOP bedazzling seashells for Shibuya fun!"
"Ahhh! I have to be the luckiest girl in the world. They really understand ARTPOP. The album is just meant to be fun with an air of the experimental. The art references are just part if the complete creative experience. Look at the space gaga!"
"I composed ARTPOP with one intention. To inspire a rush of adrenalin that excites your own creativity. Your own sense of revolution. Do you have the potential to hatch an idea, and then fight for it to the end? I know you believe I can, because you've watched my career. But I believe you can. I think your art should sit in front of the world's 'pop'"
"I'm totes writing my next album in this princess high diary"

Gaga also posted a video of herself gluing gems to seashells.

"ARTPOP fun times in Tokyo"
"Shabu shabu. I love the crab legs like Ariel!"
"I have so much to be thankful for this year, I can't wait to warm your living rooms with Kermie and sing my favorite ARTPOP songs"

"Gagadollz #chillin"
"Gagadollz, one doesn't talk back but will still sing Applause"

Shabu-Zen Shibuya Restaurant in Tokyo

Gaga was seen going out to eat at Shabu-Zen Shibuya Restaurant.

Jp.png Nov 28

Lady Gaga & the Muppets' Holiday Spectacular aired today. It was recorded in October.


"Check out how we made 'GAGADOLLS' … most amazing is you can hear the album from her heart :0)"
"@L0NELYF4RTS wooh wooho wooh!!!"
"@_BoyBelieber_95 thanks belieber!"
"@ddvidal its amazing how music can inspire you to feel that way! things that dont belong together suddenly do, freedom"
"the outfit i wore last night, i made out of fan presents! i cut up a make-up purse to make the seashells, monsters jewelry and glasses too!"
"I can't wait to warm up your living rooms with Kermie "
"@willtwerk4kfc im choosing the best one! trippy orange, stripes, i have some pink herring. i need to see it in context! trial and edit"
"@applausess hahaha thats the one!!! a very professional shot."
"I'm going to sell a bunch of my personal clothes for the BTW foundation What do you think? Rock T-shirts $200? With a special tag from me?"
"@jrke That makes me so happy! ARTPOP was meant to be a fun record that rejuvenates your spirit and senses for a good time!"
"@lliv_ i know, its weird. the past week i feel like my self lately. I feel free"
"@TodayWasADay1 but i have a lot of teeshirts, and jeans, and not everyone has tons of money so i thought i could make more by selling more"
"@Marianawf lets forget together"
"@mattywattyboy u will be VERY HAPPY when you see the price of the tkts to the artRAVE (working title of tour) not named yet THE GAZING BALL?"
"@mylashesaredry I thinks so too! like leggings, and bikini tops? its stuff ive had for YEARS!"
"@pretty_illusion I think so too, but i want ball in there underneath small type maybe? The ARTPOP Ball. The Lady Gaga Ball The Gazing Ball?"
"@ellieejandro SHHHHHHH"
"@voguesituation @KINGARTPOP i like that the best Lady Gaga's artRAVE - The Gazing Ball. and well do the layout so it emphasizes each part"
"@iRobertNYC sure why not"
"@justdebora_ @TaylorKinney111 dont tell him i put the red one in my purse"
"@anthonyxx_ yep!"
"@VersaceDylan some are very affordable. announcing in dec!"
"@VersaceDylan and by 'some' i mean i thought about this a lot and wanted to make sure everyone would have a chance at coming"
"@HausofMez yes! with the same stage designer as The Monster Ball Arena Tour"
"@oumit1 yes! but better!"
"@CaptainARTPOP yes, look out for the swine"
"@holalapascale yes!"
"@oh_kevg 110!!!! are u kidding me i AM DEAD WITHOUT A STAGE!"
"@AlanJHolland me too, and when I'm listening to it I know you are too and I feel like we're together in that moment."
"Me and Kermit doing a little promo for our Holiday Special!"
"LIZA MINNELLI loves ARTPOP. My life is finally complete! I thought of you the whole way through SNL liza i love you!"
"@EricUndefined work it mom!"
"@AmyPivo but we DO share lady parts, its sort of a rental deal"
"@RuPaul here's a blurry sneak peak of our duet! Haus of Gaga loves you so much for the inspiration you are! #gAyMEN"
"@ChiefKeef THIS IS THE BEST THANKSGIVING EVER you look hot in that instagram"
"@PrincessDie96 @ChiefKeef shhhhhh chicago is my happy place"
"@emmac_94 Emma your are so sweet I'm crying in a Japanese car. This has to be the best gift ever! Born brave bus is planning to follow tour!"

"On my way to SMAP SMAP wish I could put all my fans in my pocket so you could experience the amazing things ARTPOP is doing. I'll just use social media instead!"


"Check out my stage for SMAP x SMAP the station always makes me these beautiful 3d models I can't wait to dance on that!"
"Can I get a gAy-MEN for these two fashionistas! <3 #turkies"
"Finally got to film my beloved Venus video. TEASER"
"Snippet 2 of Venus Video. #majorcinema"
"Udon thanksgiving! #tokyo"


Gaga recorded her appearance and performances on SMAPxSMAP today which will be aired on December 2nd, 2013. Gaga also recorded a second episode of SMAPxSMAP which also featured her father Joe Germanotta, which was aired on January 6th, 2014.


Lady Gaga performed a medley of Venus and Applause doing an outfit change in mid-performance.

Part 2

Gaga recorded a Part 2 episode to air on January 6th, 2014 featuring her father, Joe Germanotta.


Lady Gaga with the designer Kansai Yamamoto.

Japanese TV

  • Exact channel and show unknown at this point.


Main article. Sukkiri!!

Gaga performed an acoustic version of Applause which will air on December 10th, 2013.


Gaga performed an acoustic version of Applause.

Gaga also performed Gypsy.

Jp.png Nov 29


"Happy Thanksgiving little turkey+tofurkey monsters, I love you with am, my heart and thought all day about how grateful I am to be"
"*all my heart. &how grateful I am to be a performer in this life, writing you songs and singing to you year after year! #thankful4monsters"
"I was getting ready for a tv today and I just burst into tears, all my beautiful costumes, the amazing stage shows. It's all because of you."
"Everyone keep warm&bundle up! I'll see you tonight with the Muppets on ABC. And if your already warm, turn up the freezer it's the holidays!"
"So excited to have Kermit and The Muppets on my Thanksgiving special tonight! I wonder if @RealMissPiggy is going to show up?"
"@RealMissPiggy we’ll see who Kermit chooses! Come celebrate with us tonight monsters! #TeamGaga #MuppetsThanksgiving"
"@angelopileggi the actual mating"
"Happy Thanksgiving Mom @BTWFoundation Im thankful for your passion to empower youth, thankful that you care about the world as much as i do"
"My Thanksgiving special 'LADY GAGA & THE MUPPETS' HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR' starts in 10 mins for the east coast on @ABC!"
"Jim Henson has to be one of the most far out dudes of all time."
"@burnttea i love you bella!! i like your turkey shirt!!"
"this next one is my favorite. The anti-manicured performance of MANiCURE!! Happy eating Leftovers everyone! Save me some extra stuffing!!"
"I'm about to perform on Music Station in Japan! I'm so excited! To all my Japanese fans I hope you love the performance I love YOU #Applause"
"@gatenkunga getting ready for my performance now! Aishitemasu! Thank you for watching!"
"@1229_Michelle changing now! #kawaiiTime !"
"@Gagallaqueen <3 <3"
"Get ready for my next tour. #fashionRavePOPmusic


"Paws up monsters. I hope we are together forever and ever. I pinch myself everyday how my life has changed, with ARTPOP I hope you feel my passion that it is now your turn to shine. Not just believing in yourself, but now doing it. It's time for you to follow your dreams. See the art in your own amazing life. Make a sculpture of you. You're a legend."
"Instead of eating turkey and watching our special, this is what's happening instead 2nd favorite thing after eating ...rehearsal!#hustlehustlehard #tokyoGa !"
"On Music Station Japanese TV having so much fun"
"Vintage Gianni Versace jacket. Kansai Yamamoto pants and Spring '14 Versace Belt. Gazing Ball Purse! Everyone here is so kind!"
"Just finished the opening of show. Now changing for performance! #kawaiiTime"
"Get ready for my next tour. #artRAVE #fashionRavePOPmusic"
"GLot of changes happening in my life, schedules been crazy, but I'm finally feeling like me again. Nobody holding me back, I can just be myself. Feels good. Paws up."

Behind the scenes

Music Station

Gaga was in the opening of the show, and then she performed Applause and was interviewed shortly after.


Music Japan

Gaga was interviewed.

Jp.png Nov 30


"Do What U Want the Remix feat. RICK ROSS. It's happening."
"@AdoIsNotAPanda it was real life"
"@giorgious so beautiful"


Gaga posted a video showing Tara doing her makeup for Music Station from November 29th.

"#makeuptest I bit Tara's fingers off last time she f*ed up my mascara. But then they grew back"

Out and about in Tokyo

Gaga was seen out in Tokyo tonight.


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