In this month, Gaga performed at a New York City pride rally.

Mx.png June 4


Gaga retweeted the Born This Way Foundation, with a link to an article about it.

"@BTWFoundation: On 6/3, @BarackObama spoke about why #MentalHealthMatters. Here's what @momgerm & @CalEndow CEO Dr Ross have to say!"

Mx.png June 5

At the beach in Los Cabos

Lady Gaga was seen at the beach in Los Cabos, Mexico with the Haus of Gaga, staying at Resorts Chain "One & Only".

Lady Gaga wears a mimosa print bikini by Lenny Niemeyer, pants by Raquel Allegra, sunglasses by Celine, and a bag by Hermès.

Mx.png June 7

At Hotel in Los Cabos

Lady Gaga was spotted once again by the pool at her hotel in Los Cabos. Gaga looks with long brunette hair while she relaxes with her friends.

Mx.png June 9

At Bo Kyung O'Connor's wedding

Lady Gaga was the bridesmaid at Bo's wedding.

Lady Gaga wears a dress by Twobirds.

Wedding After Party

Gaga was also seen at the wedding's afterparty.

Lady Gaga wears a dress by Lanvin.

Us.png June 10

Out in New York City

Lady Gaga was seen in the morning with her boyfriend Taylor Kinney in New York City.

Lady Gaga wears a top by Helmut Lang, shoes by Chloe Jade Green, and a bag by Hermès.

Us.png June 12

Intermix Store in East Hampton


Gaga was spotted twice by the streets and at a Starbucks out in East Hampton, Long Island.

Lady Gaga wears a dress by Victoria Beckham, shoes by Versace, sunglasses by Celine, and a bag by Hermès.


Lady Gaga wears a dress by ALC, a top by Helmut Lang, shoes by Sergio Rossi, sunglasses by Celine and a bag by Hermès.

At Jerry & The Mermaid Restaurant in Riverhead

That night, she had dinner at Jerry & The Mermaid in Riverhead, New York, home of the famous Suffolk Theater, with some celebrity friends including Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton.

Us.png June 24


Gaga tweeted about DOMA twice today.

"Let's go DOMA. Supreme Court lets make history & stand for MARRIAGE EQUALITY! #GetItDoneThisWeek #TheWhole WorldIsWatching"
"Time to bring DOMA to the floor. #DoItNow #WeAreEqual #WeAreHuman #WeAreValuableToSociety"

Gaga also retweeted a fan, and replied to them.

" ‏@hugo_rdiogenes: @ladygaga My heart started beating again, I love you gaga"
"We can bring this revolution into a new age if we stick together @hugo_rdiogenes #ThinkHappyThoughts #TinkWorkYourMagic #CultureMustShift

Us.png June 25


Lady Gaga tweeted twice today about DOMA.

"Overturn The Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA) today. It is unconstitutional. Or will the Supreme Court continue to discriminate against LGBTs"
"Who will be our Abe Lincoln today? Who will make the choice of FREEDOM FOR ALL. #SCOTUS"

Us.png June 26


Gaga tweeted about DOMA, along with a pic of a scene depicting gay marriage from the Born This Way Ball.

"We stand tall today.#DomaStruckDown So many fought for so long. Be proud, the prejudice are now the minority."

Gaga also retweeted a fan and replied to them.

"@JPNmonster isn't it amazing to witness?"

Leaving a Recording Studio in NYC

Lady Gaga was spotted in New York City leaving a Recording Studio.

Lady Gaga wears a dress by Waldrip, and pumps by Christian Louboutin.

Us.png June 27

At Hotel in NYC

Leaving Hotel in NYC

Recording Studio in NYC

Main article: Anything Goes
Lady Gaga wears a dress by Clara Yoo.

Us.png June 28

NYC Pride Rally


NYC Pride Rally

Lady Gaga attended with Natali, Cynthia and Haus of Gaga at the NYC Pride Rally in New York where her gave a speech in support of the LGBT community that night. Gaga also sang the National Anthem and instead of singing "Home of the brave", Gaga sang, "Home of the gays".

Lady Gaga wears an outfit by Maison Martin Margiela, shades by A-Morir, and shoes by Azzedine Alaïa.


Us.png June 29

Out in New York City

Gaga was seen out in New York.

Lady Gaga wears a long sleeve dress and a skirt by Rene Rofe, sunglasses by Celine, a handbag by Alexander McQueen, and shoes by Azzedine Alaïa.


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