Jp.png Dec 1


"@JDBoy_1D I love this album so much, and really really believe in it. Thank u! You're a sweetheart!"
"@BenjaminJMacey you sound like me"
"Here's a track-by-track commentary of 'ARTPOP' … I could say a million things about this music, but here's some!"
"@Eric_lovegipson is this true? If so that is incredibly tragic. Praying for his family, friends, and fans. Wow. speechless"


"Personal record for wig changes in one day. Usually means my soul is restless. Life's too short to wear one hat."


Gagadoll Press Conference

Main article: Gagadoll

Lady Gaga unveiled the Gagadoll at a press conference. She was also interviewed.

Jp.png Dec 2


"Rolled around Tokyo today, made it to my favorite shop. They asked me to paint a leather (an epic pastime of mine)'
"ARTPOP on making outfit for Jingle Bell Ball see u soon London! Haus just told me to 'Abramovic these crystals' Long durational glue gunning"
"@atsukitakahashi had an awesome day in your fashion. Killer suit"
"Gonna be on SMAPxSMAP in Japan in 30 min. Fashion is custom Versace, w/ opening jacket by Kansai Yamamoto<---serious glam history happening"
"@kiara_jayde_ <3"
"@briangliboff I'd paint your jacket we should do that"



"Me on my day off: I HAVE A DAY OFF this is me right now"
"Tongue: WEIRD SEX"
"Foxy: SelfieGif check out my new friend. Lil foxy cutes"
"Hahaha: Why am I so obsessed with this app, #nerd I can't wait for the updates"
"Paws up: Night night monsters, share this message"

Out and about in Harajuku

Gaga was seen out and about in Harajuku, Tokyo at night.

Jp.png Dec 3


"Between @TomDaley1994 and @Magicjohnson 's Oprah Interview about his son, what an inspiring and brave week!"
"The car just ran over a fairy wand a monster threw at me hoping it would make it through the window. I'm devastated."
"But I did catch this mirror as it was being flailed into the moving vehicle. So kawaii, I'm sad to leave"
"@NicoleMonster9 um I'm completely pro at it which was why the fairy wand loss was so intense for me"
"@LadyMIAcat it's so amazing thank u! #GazingKitty"
"I am so excited to announce that after abruptly ending my tour for surgury earlier this year, I am back and starting my tour in...USA!  :)"
"artRave: The ARTPOP Ball will be a full on party combining music, fashion, & technology in one explosive performance!"
"And the best part is, tickets will be available for as low as $35, and $85 for general admission seating which puts you INSIDE THE STAGE!"
"@ARTPOPBaIl update: I am in the process of building and locating the greatest stuffed animal/ foam glowstick cannon known to mankind"
"@TheKillersStan these are seats not standing room and prime location for viewing stage."
"@Gagawesome no General Admission is standing room only. This is a very fun time :)"
"@GagasSidekick hmmm :)"
"@HausOfMarcela duh"
"@MonsterForLifeX there will be artwork done special for the tour."
"@litlemonstar28 ARTPOP, my past hits, and some surprises!"
"@SKstudly thank you for taking this photo, a true representation of my spirit. love u miss u studxx"
"me and Kansai Yamamoto. He is a genius. #artRaveFASHION"
"@marbear378 actually yes haha"


"Hand made mirror from Japanese monster. So cute"
"14 hrs from Tokyo to London. Except its so xmassy here I don't care that I'm tired. Gonna smell pine and sing Gypsy in my room."
"Time for tea! This hotel is so lovely, home away from home."
"Rudolf the red nose cookie! Tea and naptime. #iLoveLondon"

Leaving Hotel in Tokyo

Gaga was seen arriving at Narita Airport on her way out of Japan.

Arriving at Narita Airport

Gaga was seen arriving at Narita Airport on her way out of Japan.

Gb.png Dec 4


"i <3 ARTPOP so much. i listen to it everyday. It has magical powers. instant good spirits. I take it everyday, right after my crazy pills 🔵"
"@CakeLikeLinson go ARTPOP go!!"
"The tour will take us to another planet Galaxy-Space-Time Dance party as religion. A wild celebration of self-invention, of creative spirit."
"ARTPOP's a state of mind u must be willing for it to take over u. It bears no intellect. All feeling. Ur mind must be free to understand it"
"@cybervoodooo not at all. ARTPOP can mean anything. It was designed simply to awaken a beautiful spirit+lead you to your own self invention"
"Let 2014 be the year u make a sculpture of you. You are a legend. Your self-invention matters. You are the artist of your own life. #ARTPOP"
"@BlackBoy_Miah that rumor makes me want to throw my wheelchair at people."
"LONDON MONSTERS, im gonna bring a leather outside that I want you to ARTPOP decorate. ill bring the paint pens. now i can wear u home w me"
"Hanging with Kermit in London RT @BraveForGaga95: I never thought that i'd be so jealous of a frog lol”"
"@JasonGermanotta love you darling to bed now!"
"I know you're waiting for the DWUW video. Its unlike any video I've ever done. Very Personal. Just making it perfect. Exciting, #ARTPOP"
"@JackCharlick yes I'll bring holy markers"
"@ShalevMonster31 because retweet looks like 69 in arrows"
"@_rennren EPIC"
"@franthinkso new era new rules, free our minds ARTPOP"
"@badkidmikee I'm a complicated person, a blend of the past present future."
"me and Kansai Yamamoto. He is a genius. #artRaveFASHION"

"ARTPOP: I love my new album"

Leaving The Langham Hotel in London

Gaga was seen leaving Hotel in London and traveling to ITV Studios where she recorded her appearance and performance on Alan Carr: Chatty Man.

Arriving at ITV Studios

Alan Carr: Chatty Man

Gaga recorded her appearance and performance on Alan Carr: Chatty Man. It airs on Friday, December 6th. Gaga performed an acoustic version of Do What U Want and Dope.

Leaving ITV Studios

Arriving at Langham Hotel in London

Gaga was seen leaving ITV Studios and returning to her hotel after recording Alan Carr: Chatty Man.

Gb.png Dec 5


"@FloopySavelo @gagafreak28 meet and greets are still free from the monster pit. I will still bring up fans and give out backstage passes"
"@FloopySavelo @gagafreak28 we are also selling meet & greets, the most expensive tkt, which puts you ON the stage for the performance"
"@FloopySavelo @gagafreak28 we did this to scale tkt pricing so everyone could have a chance to go & I could make some tkt prices much lower"
"@mintzebras outside US too. they are more expensive tickets & put you on the stage around 1 OF THE pianos, a very exclusive seat"
"@mintzebras but i will still pull about 20 fans at least out of the monster pit everynight, and if you get picked its free!!"
"@lanv93 yes, two separate tickets. you can not buy a M & G AND be in the pit."
"@Ladygaqa_ yes, you will also sit on the stage the entire performance around 1 of the piano, just feet away from me"
"@TomyKMonster shall we take votes on the next art piece I am to #ARTPOP"
"@MarcMonster there is also a KOONS NEAR YOU on that 'stage,' for some up close and personal GAYZING"
"@Shamar_Sellers GO ASHLEY!!! just smile and go for it. just as your rehearsed!"
"@StevenZambito yes, there are free ones every night. I will pick 20 people out of the monster pit. this is an $85 dollar ticket. a lottery."
"@Paparazzay YES"
"@JesusLikesGaga YES but i will be picking myself. looking for festivity and kind eyes to bring backstage!"
"@diegopadillaD ummmm. i do my own customer service :P"
"The stage is designed by the same architect as ThE MONSTER BALL. Everyone of my tour's has a story. This time were on the planet... #VENUS"
"@myasslsfamous very smart reading of the album"
"@JLovers209 we did this so there could be a range of ticket prices so more people could afford to come because of cheaper tickets."
"@JLovers209 I'll still pick at least 20 fans every night from the pit! For free!"
"There will be a monster pit at the artRave, IN THE STAGE, and I will still be picking 20 fans out a night for free to come back stage!"
"@raniramadhany @kyredrums YOU ARE FUCKING RAD BITCH. i want to come to indonesia. PLAY THOSE DRUMS LIKE A PSYCHO I LOVE IT! #artRAVE"
"@InnerFameMonstr THAT IS A GREAT IDEA"
"Ahhh do what u want is on KISS in LOndon Ahh!"
"I can't wait to sing Mary Jane Holland live on the tour, that bitch is gonna rear her brunette princess high head every night. #FavLYRICS"
"@skeletongunz i dont like to boast but our truffles are the most mad magical in amsterdam!"
"@Mahmoudd_h if you have fear, Apollo sit on my Lyre and play him like piano man!"
"@kstetzel my favorite thing about the album is how free it is. It is itself at every moment. look at the lyrics, every song is personal"
"w/ ARTPOP lyrics. There's a personal story to each song. The only fantasy is in the sounds & the way they're put together like a puzzle."
"The lyrics mirror the realities of my natural chaotic thought process. So the thoughts transition faster, lyrical tangents the way i think"
"I imagine many of my fans share a similarly chaotic feeling in in their own lives. This album was written to make sense of that chaos."
"@pussydrugsfear i can't sleep half the time. So many thoughts in my head a mix of bad and good but mostly a fear of how to make sense of it"
"@pussydrugsfear this is why ARTPOP the song sounds like a calm inferno. It is the new homebase for your thoughts, before we begin our puzzle"
"@BoliivarPenaA high on life"
"@aduke_subair this is the heart of the chaos. Fame's hangover. The one moment on the album that has no fantasy at all."
"@RawringMonster im so happy you feel that monster. is was designed to lift your soul. and mine, and bring them together. because we belong"
"@7MatthewGerm nice nice nice. yes. yes yes. A creative blueprint. Encapsulated in real stories and actual moments. so cool you understand me"
"@starstunning people tell me that. I hope its cuz when they listen to album there's calm knowing we share our wildness. Then the ideas flow"
"@wittomonster for me to"
"@KatySlaysUrFav thats really cool :)"
"@rivera_isaiah :)"
"@Green_Flagger its just about continuing the journey as it grows. None of my albums ever made sense at first. I build them like booby traps"
"@nynagermanotta of course!! its emotional and takes you up and down like a bad drug. I cry"
"@MrJoshyS no way. im just beginning my crusade. it will take 2 years at least"


"#ARTPOP I'm the artist of my own life . In this 'piece ' I take you with me when I leave. #monster4life"

"This is the jacket I'm having the fans decorate in London."

Leaving a Studio in Soho

Arriving at an Office

Leaving an Office

Arriving at The Langham Hotel

Gb.png Dec 6

Gaga on Alan Carr: Chatty Man aired today. It was recorded on December 4th, 2013.


"@jlovescheetos Thats so sweet! I change them everyday, i still feel like me though because it feels natural to transform everyday, for me :)"
"It is such a sad yet beautiful moment that Nelson Mandela has passed. A time to celebrate him & remember his contributions to humankind."
"@hausofkevin Just really want to see u be yourself and have fun. if your adventurous I would like to see dreadlocks, seashells, mona lisas"
"@hausofkevin i would like to see gay boys and their gfs as Versace Maiden and White Horse Steed, Magic Hat BowieGa, rhinestones THE USUAL"
"@FabulousRyanC #boticelliPUNK"
"@camzkissme that the world needs you. and so do i"
"@BTW_bejbi thats ok, just be u. Or make some fan-friends get ready 2gether. or: wear your outfit under a jacket+take it off when your ready"
"@GypsyUnderYou music station kawaii boticelli. Japan understand me"
"@Illumi_NOTme YES"
"@sleahcim_ just make sure when they ask u to order the planets you don't start singing the bridge of Venus @laceexo did that today"
"@lunardi7 hahahaha i obviously was unaware I had pic taken"
"@twitney or Robert Smith too!"
"@Child_Of_Artpop omg that is so cute"
"@NatalieSelavy beautiful you look so free. Animal look in your eye. Possibilities of life"

Do What U Want Music Video Behind the Scenes

Terry Richardson tweeted a behind the scenes photo on the "Do What U Want" music video.

Leaving The Langham Hotel in London

Gaga was seen out in London in the afternoon.

Rehearsals at Annabel's Nightclub in London

Leaving The Langham Hotel in London

Gaga was seen leaving her hotel to go to a secret gig in which she is performing to support the charity RED.

Lady Gaga wears an outfit by Pam Hogg, metal jewelry by Maria Piana, earrings by Swarovski, sunglasses by H0les, a ring by Maria Francesca Pepe and heels by Pleaser.

Arriving at Annabel's


Gaga took the stage at Annabel's to celebrate the release of ARTPOP and raise awareness for the fight against AIDS with (Belvedere Vodka) RED.


Leaving Annabel's

Gb.png Dec 7


"An ipad Wedding dress, for the bride who tweets from the aisle! plays her own march! make ure own ARTPOP nuptial gif!"
"@deanoreillyy_ for the bride who wants to take her own low res wedding photos!!"
"@desiraydraghi you will meet amazing monsters there. especially if you get a standing room tkt. lots of monsters go alone. Ill be there :)"
"@Nutellandro omg that is so sweet! it means so much to you. it means that mujch to me i will cry when i see u in it!"
"@sweeryxcx NO I LOVE YOU. i speak out because i love you."
"Piano Xylophone performance of 'DO WHAT U WANT' on Alan Carr: …. FiberOptic wig by @faspiras. App on Ipad by @MaxWeizel"
"@TheRealDaphne i love you too gypsy princess. see you soon. thinking of you always. X"
"I am SO EXCITED to perform at @CapitalOfficial Jingle Bell Ball. I haven't performed in an Arena since my injury. ITS HAPPENING IM BACK"
"@HausOfMatheus Absolutely"
"I went to the Isabella Blow exhibit in London. It's so incredibly touching, beautiful, inspiring. Monsters should go, her story is poetry."
"Issy, so many artistic minds she discovered. A reminder to cherish creativity, and urge the world to honor the artist while they are living."
"@therealdaphne what you did for your friend is remarkable. I hope every one of my fans travels to see this exhibit. Just breathtaking. xx"
"An ipad Wedding dress, for the bride who tweets from the aisle! plays her own march! make ure own ARTPOP nuptial gif!"

Leaving The Langham Hotel in London

Gaga was seen leaving the Hotel in London in the afternoon.

Gb.png Dec 8


"@britneyspears lets do this b*tch its time."
"Me at @CapitalOfficial Jingle Bell Ball 4 years ago. Platinum blond, bangs, red lipstick brows, antlers. #cantWait"

Leaving The Langham Hotel

Capital FM's Jingle Bell Ball

Main article: Capital FM's, Jingle Bell Ball

Red carpet


  1. "Jingle Bells"
  2. "Poker Face"
  3. "Just Dance"
  4. "Bad Romance"
  5. "Born This Way"
  6. "Aura"
  7. "Do What U Want"
  8. "Applause"

Capital FM Interview

Returning to Hotel

Gaga was seen returning to her hotel dressed as a Christmas Tree.

Gb.png Us.png Dec 9


"This is what my happiness looks like. I've felt so dead since my tour ended. Last nights show cured a deep sadness. X"
"in just a few hours tickets for my TOUR "artRave: The ARTPOP BALL" go on sale in North America. Fashion/Techno/Rave/Pop DANCE TILL U DROP X"
"@RyanBadKid THANKS MOM"
"@HausOfSeth roseland will be a more intimate new york affair! a glam fab event! but not technically an artRave"
"@HausOfLucas it was so crazy the reaction at Jingle Bell Ball for Applause, best feeling ever!"
"@cxntygaga #promoteOnlineKindness I hope this tweet it a joke, dont want to see any monsters harassing one another"
"@GYPSYPRlNCESS how do u know it was a jk? TechHaus monitors internet for digital hate in the monster community. We know more than you think"
"@GypsyM0nster i care that you all stop with this kind of banter. its not reality, digital hate affects teen suicide. i'll keep blocking"
"@lanadeIslut Haus will unblock people after we see consistent online kindness. We wont stand by it."
"Thank u London for the amazing trip I am late for the airport! Big kisses from me I love u! Xxx"
"@DJWS well wont be a problem anymore! :) now we both get to #doWhatWeWant"
"Piano Version of APPLAUSE feat. GagaDolls live from Sukkiri Japanese TV:"
"@Married2TheNite thats what ARTPOP is about. Make a legend of your own life. Claim and celebrate your ideas. Doing what u want, when u want."
"McQueen Forever -"
"@Lil_Sergi I'll unblock eventually. I just want to see some consistent healthy online behavior. This is the only way to make things better."
"@SantaCruzDance that is so cool you have a gaga technique dance class!ahh I need to know what it looks like"
"@TheRealTaylorMH that is amazing!"


"Custom Versace Suit. New made out of Vintage Gianni print remade robin egg ocean blue by Donatella herself. Accessories Custom Versace. Hair @faspiras"

Gb.png Leaving The Langham Hotel in London

Gaga was seen leaving her hotel in London to head to the airport to catch a flight back to the United States.

Us.png Dec 10

  • Sukkiri!! aired today. It was recorded on November 29th, 2013.


"rehearsing for artRAVE … GO ASHLEY!"
"@gagamonster96 i know this is a joke but still funny. DEDICATION"
"Designer Zeynep Tosun"
"@Rjb2323 gypsy techno rave culture glamour fashion traveler my life"
"@ZachLuvsGaga they better be :)"
"@Jordan032886 me too! thats why i love ARTPOP so much, I feel so free to celebrate all I have created. Thats the feeling I want you to have!"
"@mylashesaredry @LiamCalderone oh how sweet, little monsters singing me a lullaby :) VENUS"
"This is why I love my fans, just casually reciting ARTPOP outside my hotel practicing for the artRAVE. HIPPIES!!"
"Can't wait to curl up next to my firefighter tonight and watch CHICAGO FIRE! DO WHAT U WANT is featured on the show 2night! #MakingDinner"
"DWUW video is ALMOST READY Shot by Terry <3 These are the first photos we took 3 years ago :) He always let me be me"
"not tonight, but this week im hoping!!"
"@ShayShayReneee as real as it gets"
"That episode was so sad 😭💕💗💓"

"McQueen Forever"
"home for the holidays getting into the xmas spirit, but i always make time for my VOICE"

Arriving in Chicago

Gaga was seen arriving in Chicago after her flight from London.

Us.png Dec 11


"THANK U SO MUCH, to all the fans who bought tickets to the tour. It's been the best xmas present ever. This show will be unforgettable. X"

Us.png Dec 12


"Two of my babies @RKELLY BLACK PANTIES is out & @TWISTAgmg BACK TO BASICS … *new music*"

Us.png Dec 13


"Good Morning! Photoshoot and rehearsal, why aren't there more hours in the day. (Eye cream) and welcome back Honey B we missed you! <3 <3'

Terry Richardson also tweeted a second image from the Do What U Want video.

Terry Richardson

Lady Gaga did a Holiday themed photoshoot with Terry Richardson.

Leaving Adler Planetarium

Gaga was seen leaving the Adler Planetarium today after a photoshoot with Terry Richardson.

Meeting with Fans in Chicago

Gaga was seen meeting with Fans in Chicago.

Us.png Dec 14


"It is snowing snowing ❄❄⛄where I am! Happy Holidays everyone. Going home to make some eggnog. Heavy on the nog! 😝🍺🍺"

"Chicago Fire" Party

Gaga was seen with Taylor Kinney in Chicago.

Us.png Dec 16


"Been catching up on THE VOICE, I love @jacquieleemusic Beautiful girl with a beautiful voice! Vote for her monsters"
"@jacquieleemusic good luck tonight, nothing like lil' girl with BIG voice. Don't be nervous, just be yourself!"

Leaving the Center Staging

Lady Gaga was seen taking pictures with fans while she left the Staging Center.

Us.png Dec 17


"@xtina thank you for performing with me, your heart is as big as your voice. Such a fan for so long, I can't believe we shared the stage."

The Voice

Lady Gaga performed Do What U Want with Christina Aguilera at The Voice Live Finale Wrap Party, Episode 519B in Los Angeles.

The Voice Interview


"@xtina thank you for performing with me, your heart is as big as your voice. Such a fan for so long, I can't believe we shared the stage."

Us.png Dec 18

Arriving at LAX Airport

Leaving O'Hare Airport in Chicago

Us.png Dec 21

With fans in Chicago

Out and about in NYC

Marina Abramovic Private Show

Main article: Marina Abramovic

Lady Gaga attended to Marina Abramović show in New York City with Taylor Kinney.

Us.png Dec 22

"It's been a long year, and to complete my transformation from within. A champagne peroxide toast. Through all the pain I made it back to blonde. I love you monsters."

Leaving her apartment

Us.png Dec 23


Gaga was seen outside in a Cinema with her boyfriend Taylor Kinney.


Us.png Dec 24

At Ace Hardware in Penn Manor

Us.png Dec 25



"@tobeymonster who's the hottie in that picture"

Leaving her apartment

Us.png Dec 26

Leaving her apartment in NYC

Lady Gaga wears a handbag by Versace.

Us.png Dec 27


"my xmas tweet never went through :( Merry Xmas!!! every year I am more and more grateful to have and love monsters. *SPREAD LOVE* - Venus"

At Lancaster Restaurant

Us.png Dec 28

Out and about in NYC