In this month, Gaga continued The Born This Way Ball in Australia and debuted her vlog series "Monstervision".


Au.png July 1

The Born This Way Ball at Rod Laver Arena

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Since Gaga was sick, she met the fans on her bed.

Au.png July 3

The Born This Way Ball at Rod Laver Arena

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Au.png July 4

Leaving Hotel in Melbourne

Gaga posed with fans outside Hotel in Melbourne.

Lady Gaga wears jewelry by Alexander McQueen, heels by Pleaser, a necklace by Alexis Kirk, and sunglasses by Dita.

At Northcote Social Bar in Melbourne

Gaga was spotted being in a bar in Melbourne to celebrate the 4th of July.

Au.png July 5

Leaving Hotel in Melbourne

Lady Gaga was seen leaving Melbourne in the afternoon. She walked out of the hotel to speak with her fans before going to Flavour Cafe and Bar for coffee on her way to the airport.

Lady Gaga wears a pyjama by Gucci, a bra by Cosabella, boots by Pleaser, belts by Versace, and sunglasses by General.

Arriving Hotel in Perth

Gaga was seen getting off her plane and arriving at her hotel in Perth.

Now Gaga wears a dress by Aquilano.Rimondi.

Au.png July 6

At Mesh Bar in Perth

Lady Gaga went to Mesh Bar for a couple of drinks in the afternoon in Perth.

Leaving Nobu Restaurant in Perth

Lady Gaga went out to eat at Nobu Restaurant in the evening.

Au.png July 7

The Born This Way Ball at Burswood Dome

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Au.png July 8

The Born This Way Ball at Burswood Dome

Main Articles: Born This Way Ball, Burswood Dome


Au.png Us.png July 9

Sydney Airport

Gaga was spotted with Lady Starlight at the Airport as they left Sydney. Paparazzis took pictures of Gaga at the Duty Free shop. This also marked the debut of a one month off tour before they resume on August 14.

Lady Gaga wears a top and a dress by Versace, custom boots by Pleaser, and sunglasses by Oliver Goldsmith.

LAX Airport in LA

Gaga arrived at the LAX Airport in the afternoon. She flipped off the Paparazzi as she left.

Lady Gaga wears tights by Capezio, and a ring by Versace.

Leaving Starbucks in LA

A little while after arriving in LA, Gaga was spotted at Starbucks.

Lady Gaga wears a jacket by Versace.

At Chateau Marmont Hotel in LA

In the evening, Paparazzi took pictures of Lady Gaga on her balcony at the Chateau Marmont Hotel.

Us.png July 10

Leaving Hotel in LA

Gaga was spotted leaving her hotel in Los Angeles in the evening to go eat at Mr. Chow's Restaurant

Lady Gaga wears a bra by Cosabella, tights by Capezio, a harness by Void of Course, a jacket from Dog, a belt by Versace, heels by Pleaser, and sunglasses by Oliver Goldsmith.

At Mr. Chow's Restaurant in LA

Gaga was seen in Mr. Chow's Restaurant having dinner with Vincent Herbert and his wife Tamar.

At Chateau Marmont Hotel in LA

Gaga was spotted again in the balcony of her hotel, Chateau Marmont.

Us.png July 11

At Chateau Marmont Hotel in LA

Lady Gaga took a pic with Lindsay Lohan, and photographer Ellen von Unwerth.

Us.png July 12

Leaving Chateau Marmont in LA

Gaga left Chateau Marmont hotel in the morning to go board a private jet.

  1. Suspenders by Chanel, shoes by Brian Atwood.

Boarding a Private Jet in LA

Lady Gaga boarded a private jet to fly to New York City. She was wearing the same outfit that she was spotted in earlier.

Us.png July 13

Machete Kills shoot in Austin

Lady Gaga went to Austin, Texas to shoot her first movie role as "La Chameléon" for "Machete Kills".

Us.png July 15

At Pitchfork Festival in Chicago

Gaga was spotted attending the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago.

  1. Corset by Agent Provocateur, sunglasses by Oliver Goldsmith, boots by Christian Louboutin

Us.png July 16

Leaving Hotel in Chicago

Gaga signed autographs as she left her hotel in the morning.

Buying at Whole Foods in Chicago

Gaga was seen buying at Whole Foods Store in Chicago.

Leaving Hotel in Chicago

Gaga was spotted leaving her hotel later in the day, making her way to a recording studio.

At Recording Studio in Chicago

Lady Gaga recorded some music in a recording studio and Tara Savelo tweeted a picture of Gaga in the studio, which Gaga retweeted. And also another one with Kendrick Lamar.

Us.png July 18

Out in Chicago

Lady Gaga was seen out in Chicago.

Us.png July 19

Lady Gaga posted a photo of herself on with the following caption: "HOME ALONE, starring me missing monsters".

Us.png July 20

Leaving a Restaurant in Chicago

Lady Gaga was seen leaving a restaurant in Chicago and getting into a car.

Lady Gaga posted a picture of herself on

At Karyn's Restaurant in Chicago

Lady Gaga went out to eat at another restaurant in the evening.

Us.png July 21

Out in New York

Lady Gaga was seen walking the streets of New York.

Us.png July 22

Gaga posted a pic of her and Taylor on

Leaving Hotel in NYC

Joanne Trattoria Restaurant in NYC

Main article: Joanne Trattoria

At Home in NYC

Us.png July 23

Leaving Hotel in NYC

Gaga left her hotel in the morning and boarded a private plane to Los Angeles.

LAX Airport in LA

In the afternoon, Gaga arrived at an airport in Los Angeles. She was also seen arriving at her hotel.

Us.png July 24

Leaving Chateau Marmont Hotel in LA

Lady Gaga was seen leaving The Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles. Gaga also tweeted a pic of her in the car leaving the hotel.

Lady Gaga posted a pic of herself on with her actual hair and no makeup.

Us.png July 25

Lady Gaga posted a pic of her and Tara Savelo at a bar on

Lady Gaga posted on that she will be holding an outfit designing contest. Little Monsters will draw outfits they want Gaga to wear and submit them, and she will choose them and actually wear them.


Us.png July 26

Main article: Little Monsters and Monstervision

Throughout the day, Lady Gaga posted content and chatted with fans on Little Monsters. She started with a design contest for her fans to post sketches of an outfit. The winners will be selected by Gaga and the outfit will be made in collaboration with the winners. Near noon, she encouraged her fans to post suggestion in order to improve the website and added a couple of her private pictures mostly from 2011. She posted a video of "007 On You", a track she co-wrote with Esmée Denters in early 2008 and produced by RedOne.

Later in the day, Gaga posted a "selfie" with a breakdown of what she was wearing. A bit later, Twitter was down and Gaga decided to take "advantage and the opportunity" to post the second promotional film for "Fame", titled "The Source".

She also announced that she will be starring in the new 2013 film: Machete Kills. She will be playing a character called "La Chameléon" (The Chameleon). She went to Austin, Texas a couple of days earlier to shoot her part.

This was followed by the first Monstervision project, a contest for fans to sent her how they will like to portray Gaga in a short film to a song from the new album.

Gaga continue her streak of announcement with the revival of the Little Monsters Video Awards which only happened once in France in 2011. The award retitled "Little Monsters Awards" will be given to fans in a variety of categories to be determined at a later date.

She also added a couple of photographs taken on July 11 with Lindsay Lohan and photographer Ellen von Unwerth.

The last idea she posted of the day was her intention to create a poll to allow her fans to guide her for a probably next song era. This would allow the fans to determine the whole look of a song promotional era which include the clothes, makeup and hair.

[Chat Log]
[Gaga] "hey"
[Gaga] "woaahhh nelly"
[Gaga] "geez lord"
[Gaga] "someone just said clam down"
[Gaga] "that would be a funny emoticon"
[About her role in Machette Kills]
[Gaga] "its not very big"
[Gaga] "but it was the perfect size to sink my teeth into"
[Gaga] "i hope to go to premieres"
[Gaga] "i don't think its 3d"
[Gaga] "its rated R"

[Gaga] "BORN THIS WAY MOVIE? i don't know"
[Gaga] "terry and i are working on a film"
[Gaga] "of the tour and my creative process"
[Gaga] "my life"
[Gaga] "making the album"
[Gaga] "yes in theaters"

[About "ARTPOP"]
[Gaga] "new album is next year"
[Gaga] "i know you all want it sooner"
[Gaga] "but it will be before spring"
[Gaga] "will it be dark? i don't wanna say"

[Gaga] "robert is dp"
[Gaga] "he does everything"

[Gaga] "I'm sure jo will make a comeback"

[Gaga] "how old are you all and where from"

[Gaga] "i am SO OLD"

[Gaga] "i just have young and beautiful fans"

[Gaga] "you need help with your essay?"
[Gaga] "everybody be quiet"
[Gaga] "whats your essay about"
[Gaga] "lets help when with their essay"
[Gaga] "ok well i would say that legalizing marriage is important to equality and something to look forwards to"
[Gaga] "if we focus on equality people can't make the argument whether or not we were born gay"

[Gaga] "australia next year"

[Fan] "Some say that you CHOOSE to be gay. But I came out this way."
[Gaga] "tbh me too"
[Gaga] "so write about in your essay the way that its important to send a message that all people are valuable and serve the same right to happiness"

[Gaga] "perfume is very sweet and succulent"

[Later, on "gaga's Chat"]

[Gaga] "hii"

[Gaga] "not lying"

[Gaga] "just can't sleep"

[about her lips injection]
[Gaga] "i love them, i don't care what anyone think"
[Gaga] "yeah just a couple small ones"

[Fan] Gaga did you get the NO DOUBT album YET??
[Gaga] yes

[Gaga] "contest for little monster to film me"

[Gaga] "i love the perfume cuz its like an extension of my music"

Lady Gaga wears a jacket and a skirt by Chanel, a top by Versace, a belt by Saint Laurent, a necklace by Erickson Beamon, and sunglasses by Andy Wolf for Zoë Jordan.

Us.png July 27

Main article: Little Monsters

In the morning, Gaga joined the chat room "Lindsay is here!" to talk with the fans. At noon, Gaga added a photograph titled "Photo bomb" of Gaga inside of a car with Tara Savelo photo bombing in the left corner. The picture was taken on her way to the airport using her iPad. A couple of minutes later, she posted a few pictures of the Haus and herself on a private plane to an undisclosed location. She also posted a picture of herself with "Fozzi Bear", Frederic Aspiras' new dog with the caption "Fozzibear cuddle party!".

Us.png July 28

Main article: Little Monsters

Lady Gaga posted a pic on of her in her hotel room.

Us.png July 29

Taylor's brother's wedding in Malibu

Lady Gaga attended the wedding of Taylor's Brother in Malibu, California.

Lady Gaga wears a dress by Atelier Versace.

Main article: Little Monsters

[Chat Log]
[Fan] "Like Taylor's penis?"
[Gaga] "don't talk about his penis!!"
[Gaga] "its mine!"

[Gaga] "my favorite emotions are"
[Gaga] "OMG"
[Gaga] "WOW"
[Gaga] "SAD"
[Gaga] "derpga is good"

[Gaga] "even though we are open with you guys, we are still not open with the press"

[Gaga] "hopefully if we share pics and secrets with you it won't be misinterpreted"

[Gaga] "i though ti myself, now i can tell you guys directly instead of u having to guess if things are true"

[Gaga] "I'm on vacay"

[Gaga] "which doesn't mean anything cuz i work all the time"

[Gaga] "i need to make a dancing bunny emotican"

[Fan] "Gaga what is your fav thing to do?"
[Gaga] "i dunno"
[Gaga] "i think sleeping"

[Gaga] "i think sleeping"
[Gaga] "she's a grandma goes to bed early"

[Gaga] "im not drunk or stoned actually what a shame!"
[Gaga] "i know when I'm not sober I'm a better person"

[Gaga] "ikm here"

[Fan] "gaga what is your favorite choreo"
[Gaga] "i think sheiza"

[Gaga] "i love you :)"
[Gaga] "more than anything"
[Gaga] "going sleepies"
[Gaga] "sleep tight"
[Gaga] "be safe"

Us.png July 30

Lady Gaga posted two pics on today.


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