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A list of events which occurred on the 1st of April.

"GAGAVISION no.41 coming, at midnight TUES. Filming and editing it myself. Will announce JUDAS release! Feels like the first time mons✟ers." 4:46 PM via web
"Everyone should watch Dateline NBC..its on now." 4:14 PM via Mobile Web
"@Datelinenbc I appreciated that you used modern approaches to this issue, making less distinction between victim + bully, showing both sides" 4:59 PM via web
"@Datelinenbc Breeding compassion in the student body is the way toward saving lives, both sides. This message is key. Empower kindness." 5:04 PM via web
"@ItsCharles I understand you thinking that. How can we be compassionate towards them, empathetic, help them honor their experience + change." 5:10 PM via web
"@ladygaga @ItsCharles the "bullys" were just as confused as the victim, who was once considered a "bully" herself, both have the same issues" Retweeted by Lady Gaga at 5:12 PM via web
"@JesusAfashion Great way to look at it. Maybe not the "same" issues but "similar." Anger creates a domino affect, let empathy take its place" 5:17 PM via web
"@ladygaga I believe that the bully needs compassion just as much as the victim, because they are both insecure with themselves" Retweeted by Lady Gaga at 5:19 PM via web
"@Neha614 The culture of students must gravitate towards empathy, not aggression. Compassion is the water to put out a angry fire." 5:24 PM via web
"I thought it was incredibly brave of the girl who was accused of "bullying" to give an interview. #BRAVE She spoke out." 5:30 PM via web
"@ladygaga There has to be someone to help the bullies understand their feelings along with the victim and communication between both parties" Retweeted by Lady Gaga at 5:29 PM via Twitter for iPhone
"@KimberlyMack28 you can watch it online when they post it on their website" 5:35 PM via web
"@its_italo BTWF is about working towards changing culture. Not about victims or bullies, or laws. #CompassionRaisingNotFundraising" 5:38 PM via web
"@AmandaMonsterr Why can't you do it in your school? You're the best speaker. Empower yourself, you're the bravest you know." 5:40 PM via web
"@JamesThisWay Just do it, you don't need me. Do it yourself. Call it whatever you want, make it your own. @xxguitargeekxx has great ideas." 5:44 PM via web
"@HausOfMarcos_ thats cool. Take a breath + feel compassionate for that person, that they feel the need to say something mean to you. Walk on" 5:47 PM via web
"@ladygaga - spectators of bullying need to realize it's not entertainment...bullying thrives off an audience. #getahobbie" Retweeted by Lady Gaga at 5:49 PM via UberSocial for BlackBerry
"@GagaCreative I'm trying to breed compassion. not sure why. can't help it, think its important." 5:51 PM via web
"@hausofcarolinne its easier than you think.I go through people saying bad things about me, sometimes publicly. Feel empathy for their anger." 5:55 PM via web
"I love my followers, thanks for talking with me tonight. I read as many as I could. Making music, learning choreo, and breakin shit. be back" 6:12 PM via web
"Back in the New York Groove, us on the way to ST. J's last night - http://bplane.co/nIOCED" via Twitter
"I'm quitting pop music. 💋" via Twitter
"💃gotcha . April Fools! 😈💋💋" via Twitter
  • Lady Gaga was seen at a dog park in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Gaga filmed a video message for Ryan-Lee Johnson.

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