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August 15, 2013Edit

8-15-13 1LIVE - Tobi & Andi

1LIVE: Hey, how are you? Everything well?

Lady Gaga: Hi Tobias and Andi, I’m very, very good. And you?

1LIVE: Us? We may call to you – so everything is great! Let’s talk about this “Emergency Pop Music talk“! You have “Applause” already published this week and not next week as planned because a hacker has the song used in the network. What went wrong? Do you have any firewall?

Lady Gaga: I do not know! These hackers are becoming more blatant and absolutely want to hear the music. I think he’s just a big Lady Gaga fan (laughs)!

1LIVE: But when the first rumors about the song leaking spreaded, your hardcore fans have helped the song to be kept secret, is it?

Lady Gaga: Yes, that’s right! We just wanted to see if we can keep the scheduled release date. But it’s all good! I am glad that the single is out. I’ve been looking forward to this for so long, to put out new music, and I’m really glad that my fans get to hear my new song in Germany.

1LIVE: Do you know where all the songs of your new album at the moment are? Are you sure that now not all will be previously leaked?

Lady Gaga: I hope this does not happen (laughs)! We have very exciting news about the album “ARTPOP”! Zedd, the German DJ, is one of the main producers of the album!

1LIVE: We can say that the album is “Made in Germany“! Tell us about his typical German characteristics. He was always on time in producing, right?

Lady Gaga: Yes, he is totally focused, he is brilliant! We spent a wonderful time together in the studio, and the album got such a big German influence!

1LIVE: “Applause” is the last song on the album, what about the lyrics of the other songs on the album, what do they say?

Lady Gaga: Mmmmmmh… I can tell you what the lyrics of the song “ARTPOP” say, “We could belong together, ARTPOP”.

1LIVE: What is the meaning of “ARTPOP” for you?

Lady Gaga: ”ARTPOP” for me is a philosophy! It is a philosophy that has grown out of my creative experience, while I wrote the album. It should be explained sort of a reversal of ”pop art to be”. We talked while producing about my obsession with art and how art responds to pop a lot.

1LIVE: Let’s talk about your fans, the Little Monsters, talking. The love with you via Twitter and Facebook to communicate. How often are you really the one with your twitters account and posts?“

Lady Gaga: That I am always really every time!

1LIVE: Again briefly to “Applause”. What would you say if we said, ”the early leaking was a promotional campaign“?

Lady Gaga: Noooo, nooo. We pray that the songs do not come out earlier. We do not want that, this was not promotion!! we have worked hard to ensure that all of the songs comes out on the planned time (laughs)!

1LIVE: Lady Gaga, thanks for the interview, we hope we see you again soon in Germany Good luck with the album “ARTPOP“!

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