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A list of events which occurred on the 17th of October.

"I can't believe we got 6 Europe Music Awards nominations! I'm so happy! Only halfway through this album, + I can't believe how far its come." 5:13 PM via web
"Just wrapped my 5th music video, can't wait to unfold all its secrets and share with you moments from my past I have yet to reveal." 5:15 PM via web
"Put Born This Way back in the vessel, for rebirth, as I lay in mine. When too strong to divorce, then buckle up, MARRY THE NIGHT." 5:46 PM via web
"Do you want the #MARRY THE NIGHT SINGLE COVER tonight?" 6:19 PM via web
"If monsters make MARRY THE NIGHT SINGLE COVER the number one trending topic I will release it tonight. Early. SORRY INTERSCOPE! I LOVE THEM!" 6:27 PM via web
"This is my favorite song on the album. Are you ready @FERNANDOGARIBAY ? This one is our baby." 6:36 PM via web
"Even better, you pissed of Twitter. Be prepared to Marry the Night at 8pm PST." 7:19 PM via web
"New York is Not Just a Tan that You'll Never Lose http://twitpic.com/71zyyb" 7:46 PM via Twitpic

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