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A list of events which occurred on the 15th of December.

"listening to highway unicorn. anyone interested in partaking in a twitter dance party? get your hot rods ready to rumble!" 7:32 PM via web
"Put one paw up and type with the other! @SailAnchorDream RT @ladygaga How do you dance on twitter? :O" 7:39 PM via web
"next up on the playlist. fashion of his love. (get out your fake pearls if possible)" 7:40 PM via web
"Cheerios and Dental floss @hausofnoctis RT @ladygaga XD I dont have fake pearls!" 7:44 PM via web
"ok now the edge of glory fist pumping and pretending im lita ford.turn the shower on for fogging effect!" 7:46 PM via web
"Ok now BORN THIS WAY! Side ponytails and neckties? Climbing out from underneath a chair pretending its a vessel. Don't be a drag!" 7:51 PM via web
"No, but I will die with it. @Ale_a_97 RT @ladygaga Would you live without glamour?" 7:54 PM via web
"(batting false lashes) @iLuvGagaloo RT @ladygaga Babe how often do you get drunk by yourself? I fucking love you." 8:00 PM via web
"Ok, now lets close it out with Marry The Night. Pretend your bed is a Trans Am. I am too :) love you" 8:04 PM via web

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