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A list of events which occurred on the 13th of March.

"Mental. Vomit. Bubble dreams." 6:50 PM via web
" - I think the Pop Universe just imploded. Completely brilliant. Whoever made this: BRAVO." 1:47 PM via TwitPic
"Artist of the below poster *Yamino" 3:11 PM via web
"" 6:11 PM via web
"holy mother of wardrobe. Sometimes I think we are sick. #BornThisWayBall #CountdownToKorea" 12:49 PM via web
"All my love to music lovers and fans, stay safe tonight we love you" via Twitter
"A Message from Me about the Born This Way Foundation -" via Twitter
"ARTPOP is creative rebellion. I don't like to play by the nuns rules. I make my own. #MonsterStyle #ARTPOP" via Twitter
"SNEAK PEAK PIC Backstage with my little friend" via Twitter
  • Lady Gaga was seen at SXSW Festival where she performed.
  • Before Gaga's performance on SXSW, Gaga recorded a small interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live who was there at SXSW.
"What a great charity Operation Smile. We love supporting you and all you do to help suffering…" via Twitter
"Thank you to all 57 million of you! I hope I can be part of making your day better, the way many of you have made mine 💋 #57millionmonsters" via Twitter

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