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A list of events which occurred on the 11th of May.

"Kleine Monsters. Berlin is about to explode as the Monsterball begins. Open the cathedral + bang on your drums, tonight is for your freedom." 11:40 AM via web
"@AliJ_johnson I used to feel just like you do. Believe in ureself no matter what, U will never know how powerful u are until u love yourself" 6:53 PM via OpenBeak
"Just performed in Cannes for Le Grand Journal! What a beautiful day, watch the performance here:" 12:55 PM via web
"I'm so humbled and grateful to see The Edge of Glory #1 all over the world. Just landed in London, so happy to be back in UK. Graham Norton!" 10:21 PM via web
"watched crime documentary last night: woman caught killing rich husband because she used her "reward" card at grocery to buy blood remover." 10:06 PM via web
"I WANT TO BE HER. you'd think she had more problems than saving 50 cents and driving away in his white LEXUS." 10:07 PM via web
"💗 BatAngelPig -" via Twitter
"Thank you for all my beautiful Mother's Day messages, been with my mom and sister all day. I am so thankful god brought you all to me. 💗🙏💋" via Twitter
  • Gaga was seen at Nobu Fifty Seven Restaurant in New York City.
  • Gaga was seen leaving her apartment in New York City.
  • Gaga was seen on the set of "A Star Is Born" in Los Angeles, California.

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