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A list of events which occurred on the 11th of January.

  • Lady Gaga caught a flight to London during the day at the LAX Airport. She traveled to the United Kingdom for a series of promotional appearances and to be the opening act of the Pussycat Dolls: Doll Domination Tour.
  • Gaga was seen at Border Grill Restaurant.
"Money can run out, but talent is forever." via Twitter
"I caught my dad watching Bruce Springsteen videos with his headphones on, on the plane, big goofy smile on his face. It made me so happy to see what a fan he still is, still so inspired. I hope monsters feel like that one day, I know I will :)"
"Namaste bitches" via LittleMonsters.com
"I love her. My piano. play the sh*t outta her. http://instagram.com/p/xsvG7ZpFA5/" via Twitter
"Song after song after song. I could write for hundreds of years in a passionate romance with music.… http://instagram.com/p/xsv0v2JFCK/" via Twitter
"Thank you truly @goldenglobes and the HFPA for a night myself and my fans will truly never forget. Can't wait to book my next job!" via Twitter

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