Леди Гага
Авторы Леди Гага
Роб Фусари
Продюсеры Роб Фусари

"We Are Plastic" - песня, написаная Леди Гагой и Робом Фусари (Team Love Child) в 2007.

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We are dripping yummy ice cream,
baby tongues are wagging in the sun.
It's crazy, did you read the warning on my ass?
Baby, this shit is toxic
And we are plastic, we are plastic, we are plastic,
shut up bitch cuz it's fantastic.
We are plastic, we are plastic,
start cumming boy cuz this shits fantastic.

Lick lick upon your stick,
plastic parts won't ever always start and get you wet.
Are you scared yet?
Bounce bounce plastic heart,
whoops I popped a beauty mark.
Sex and drugs mixed in liquor,
makes the playmates a whole bunch sicker.

We are plastic, we are plastic
wet your lips bitch cuz it's fantastic,
we are plastic, we are plastic, we are plastic
shut up bitch cuz were fantastic.

Wetter makes it more orgasmic!
Original barbie doll glam,
boy, see don't touch just look baby,
eyes like glue guns baby,
hearts like melting chocolate baby.

Just a taste.
Just a taste.
Just a taste.


  • [BMI] Sony/ATV Songs, LLC/ House of Gaga Publishing / GloJoe Music Inc.
  • [ASCAP] June Bug Alley


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